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If you are going on a holiday soon, it's wise to find out what the currency conversion factors are at all times.  If you are in another country and are pressed to 'get some money' quickly, you will not be paying the best rates.  Of course it's best to go to a bank, but still the rates vary moment to moment and you should be informed when you exchange money

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13/01/2009 04:24 PM


There is a moment to moment market for money that varies all the time.  The Saugeen Times will put a good link to currency conversion on the Canadian Community News site and keep it there.

So if you go abroad and have your laptop and want to stay tuned the  Saugeen and Bruce County Scene, you can always go to CCNews and get the current rate of any exchange.  We'll keep it handy there with all the news outlets from around the world.