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This section is devoted to new ideas in science that may interest the student.  We will also include links to interesting sites as we find them.  You will note the reference to the Perimeter Institute and their logo above.  They are the top source for interesting and new science in Canada.  Stay tuned for their outreach program at the Bruce County Museum.


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Science World's most complicated machine passes first test.  Will it reveal the secrets of the universe?

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 Video/Science Magnifying to the size of the known universe 

Science/Video What does nothing mean?......

Science Professor Hawking to come to Waterloo summer 2010 

Science What is alpha radiation?


Science Analysis of Global Warming Hack 

Science Where are we?


Science Large Hadron Collider has a first restart ... see the video (takes time to load) Windows Media File

Science/A&E The Eyes of Dan Brown

ScienceGIRLS science club studies "naturology"

Science Local Ground Water Monitoring Wells Test Higher Than Normal For Sodium

Science Keeping you connected to the DGR....

Science New emplacement design unveiled at DGR open house

Third round of open houses into Deep Geologic Repository project begin Monday

Science Deep Core Drilling - A look at the past

Science  Letters to a German Princess

Science Renowned Climatologist at Conference at the CAW Centre Oct 22, 2009

Science The final Perimeter Institute lecture for this year on Wednesday October 21, 2009.  The Universe from beginning to end


Science The Science of addiction by Joan Evans


Science Review of 'The Drunkard's Walk' at the Bruce County Museum


Science Perimeter Institute Lecture at the Bruce County Museum 'The Drunkard's Walk'.......


Science Patrick Hayden's Lecture at the Bruce County Museum


Science Don't forget the Perimeter Institute Lecture at the Bruce County Museum on Wed. Oct 7, 2009.  Subject "From Black Holes to Tornados"

Science/Video Scientists release 15 years of study on our oldest yet relative dating from 4.5 million years


Science Round two in nuclear talks


Science The Monarch Watch communicates with the Man in the Tilley Hat...


Science The Physics of Impossible things......


Science New co-ordinator of Pine River Watershed Initiative Network


Science A planet forming?  See what NASA thinks


Science Monarch migration and tagging by The Man in the Tilley Hat


Science Nobel Prize winner launches the Bruce County Museum's Perimeter Institute lecture series.


Science The Museum announces its 2009 PI lecture series.  First lecture Sept 23 at 2 pm.


Science Quantum to Cosmos Festival to include Mars Rover, Quantum Computing Demonstration - and more


Science Hubble gets repaired and produces new miracles


Science Immerse yourself with Quantum  Computing, Robotics and the nature of time


Science/Internet & Technology Quantum Computing at PI


Science/Videos The deep geometric structure of a molecule finally revealed


Science Perimeter Institute Faculty Member Jaume Gomis Wins Early Researcher Award


SciencePerimeter Institute announces October Festival

Science/Video Deep Space by Hubble


Science The Large Hadron Collider is about to restart


Science Bruce County is a Dark Sky Region


Science  Interested in Astronomy?  Check out these events.  Hiking the Galaxy   and Stargazing with local astronomers


Science What happened to Neandertal?


Science International experts gaining confidence in proposed site for DGR


Science Focus is on Bruce A and B not new build says Bruce Power

Science Big Problems Navier-Stokes 

Science Connecting with the Deep Geologic Repository

Science Who is nwmo?

Science/Service Clubs  Clubs Outdoor Education Centre gets a $1000 donation

Science Alternative Energy coming to Tara and Paisley? 

Science Is Harper going slow on G8 Carbon hold below 2 degrees C?  The Avaaz Team thinks so.

Science Deep Geologic Repository News July 2009

Science species at Risk Funding with Carol Mitchell

Science Public Meeting on upper Great Lakes water levels 

Science Lake Huron Itís All About the Caring

Science  Station Beach gets Blue Flag for the third year in a row

Science Sauble wins Blue Flag for four years in a row

Science   Another set of issues aired in a public meeting 

Science The art of animation in music

Science Public Science Fair Coming in October  


Science Update on Deep Geologic Depository


Science Wind Power fact sheet details the 115 towers turned on recently


Science Deep Geologic Repository News


Science  Corrina Serda Returns from Climate Project North America


Science  Planeteers committed to action


Science A fun 'Group' game to play


Science In the Drunkard's Random Walk


Science/Education Planeteers and Earth Hour at Leguault's Saturday Night


Letters/Science Letter about Planeteers Earth Hour at Legault's


Science Bruce County Astronomical Society Schedule for the International Year of Astronomy Click Here


Science/Environment Plastic Bags at Legault's to Cloth Bags


Science Enbridge sponsors community grant program


Science Cool Science site of the month for March 2009

 Science/Education Earth Hour Events for March 28, 2009


Science Endbridge Wind Farm up and running ribbon cutting April 3, 2009


Science Earth Hour viewing the night sky SDSS Planeteers event March 28, 2009 -- Click here....


Science Huron Heights students urge participation in Earth Hour 2009  


Science Pesticide Ban a major victory


Science Final calandria tube removed from Unit 1


Science  SDSS Planeteers decry Night Sky Pollution


Religion/Science Faith vs. Reason or Faith and Reason?

Science The Green Beauty makes a visit


Science  Are we alone?  Will Kepler tell us?


Science  Forgotten Minds - Leonard Euler......


Science  When should politicians be irrational?  When should they have a feel for science? 


Science ... Big Science News of the Year 2009


Science North pole ice melt.  A true indicator?


Science ... Archaeologist Ken Cassavoy completes historic barge report

Science ... McGuinty government provides funding to research renewable energy in Huron County

Science/Education ... The King's Evil Test

Science ... What's happening to the OZONE.  The latest ...

Science ... The Canadian Ski Team and the Auto Industry ... 

Science ... CERN says LHC will restart in 2009

Science ... Canada's Coup!  Hawking Joins the Perimeter Institute

Science ... OPG gives media a look inside nuclear waste management

Science or is it A & E? ... The Black Hole Wars finish up this year's PI lecture series at the Museum... a fun lecture ...

Science ... OPG repository project open to plenty of public input

Science ... OPG explains deep geologic repository  

Science ... Strong outage performance bodes well for life extensions of Bruce A Units 3 and 4

Oct 31, 2008 ... Industrial wind development faces  resistance

Oct 27, 2008 ... Broken Scale ...

Oct 23, 2008  ... Stephen Lewis to Address Environmental Forum at Blue Mountain

Oct 23, 2008 The facinating world of Dr. Jeff Rosenthal  

Oct 20, 2008 Gift from Ontario Trillium Fund for Science

Oct 10, 2008 ... Is this guy a superstar?

Oct 6, 2008 ... Two lectures at the Bruce County Museum this week.  Make sure you come out.

Sept 27, 2008 ... Large Hadron Collider Delay to be Expected

Sept 25, 2008 ... What Banged? Lecture took place Wednesday at the Bruce County Museum  

Sept 22, 2008 ...Dr. Turok the new superstar of physics lecture at the Bruce County Museum this Wednesday at 2 to 3pm 

Sept 22, 2008 ...How Astronomers Use Mass to See into the Past


Sept 19, 2008 ...  What is Quantum Physics all about ?

Sept 17, 2008 ... Launching the Large Hadron Collider 

Sept 15, 2008 ... A fight to save an endangered species  

  Science Sept 14, 2008 ... Perimeter Institute Fall Lecture Series kicks off at the Bruce County Museum 


Sept 11, 2008 ...  The Large Hadron Collider comes online  


August 29, 2008 ...  The Return of the Invisible Man

August 27, 2008 ...  Journey into the 4th dimension


August 25, 2008 ... Are you stocking up for the next Solar Flare?


August 26, 2008 ... Corina Serda to speak at St. Andrews   


August 10, 2008 ...  Cindy Cartwright to give a lecture August 13 at St. Andrew's Church on the Hummingbird

Science August 7, 2008  Great Lake Water Levels -- A Mystery

July 30, 2008 There was mystery, intrigue, mathematics and experiments at the most recent lecture presented by the Chantry Island Institute (CII) at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre on Tuesday.

July 30, 2008 August 13, 2008 Ornithologist, Cindy Cartwright to Speak at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church about the impact of humans on Hummingbirds.

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( Download) Animation Video Renewal

Animation Video Starry, Starry Night

Music - One Song Many Patterns. Read More

Video of The Geometry of Music Part 2 Click Here




OPG in the Community Read More


July 25 2008 ... Piping Plovers at Sauble Beach and Oliphant
July 25 2008 ... Climate change in Southampton by Dr. Peter Storck
July 22, 2008 Dr. Peter Von Bittner describes life in Bruce County 425 million years ago
July 19, 2008 ... World Famous Cosmologist Stephen Hawking may visit the Waterloo Perimeter Institute in the future "There's been a standing invitation for him to come here for some time," said John Matlock (Southampton Summer Resident and a spokesman for the institute). "But things are kind of heating up on that front lately.  
July 9, 2008 ... Dr. Peter Storck gave an interesting lecture last night on Climate Change and Pollution last night 
July 7, 2008 ... Whatever you're doing this week, make time for Dr. Peter Storck's lecture at the Bruce County Museum Tuesday July 8, 2008 7pm at the Museum. The subject?  Earth's Climate in the Balance
July 5, 2008 ... The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre was filled to capacity on Thursday, July 3rd as guests attended the official opening of the new 'Earth's Climate in the Balance' exhibit.
June 27, 2008 Museum Needs Volunteers for The Earth's Climate in the Balance Opening
June 17, 2008 ....The Chantry Institute Lecture Series Continues with outstanding people.  Wayne Grady speaks about the subject of his new book "The Great Lakes"
Science...   June 7, 2008 A Comment on the Geologic Repository at the Bruce
Heritage and Science ... June 6, 2008 See the great schedule for lectures that the Chantry Island Institute brings to the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre
May 31, 2008 The new exhibit at the Museum needs everyone's attention.  Remember "The Da Vinci Code?  Come see some new symbols of mystery


May 30, 2008 The Smart Money is Green. Guess who's investing? 
May 26, 2008 The Florentine Heretic?  Galileo, the Church and the Cosmos
May 22, 2008 Is coal done as an option in Ontario?
The nature of truth and its relationship to proof.  Geodel and Turing Lecture at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre
The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation to hold conference
Canada gets a Superstar Turok is his name
 A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines Kurt Goedel and Alan Turing  highlight the Perimeter Institute Lecture at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre on Wednesday May 14, 2008 at 2 pm in the Bruce Theatre. Donations appreciated...
The Hubble Telescope has produced many wonders.  Take a look at the what some think are the top pictures of this amazing odyssey
How high is the Sky?  We learned how to find out on Wednesday April 30, 2008 at the Bruce County Museum
Jim Seaton, a former Submariner, enjoys the beach and is very observant. He found a copper treasure.
Stone Tool Found in Pioneer Park
Geothermal Subsidy is $7000  
What's behind Geothermal?  
The Metric System and Dunkirk
The third in the series of the spring Perimeter Institute lecture series on big screen at the Museum took place on Wednesday April 16.  It was a fantastic panel discussion  Read the summary of it with the big ideas highlighted.  
Traffic is like plumbing.  If you don't plan ahead, you make a lot of trips to the hardware.  Saugeen Shores gets $1,600,000 for a short term 'fix' or is it? Part II of a series on the emerging problem  
Forty Two and the Meaning of Life 

Perimeter Institute Lectures at the Bruce  County Museum and Cultural Centre continue on Wednesday April 14.

Four person panel and moderator featuring Nobel Price winner Sir Anthony Liggett


The 'silent' story "almost' in the news lately has been about the huge find in North Dakota of "sweet oil"  Everyone has been waiting for the United States Geological Survey to publish their report. Now you can see the surprising news.  Will it change all of North America? 
The entire Saugeen area is dominated by a single industry --- Energy.  It's amazing that we don't know much about it. Read about it and how a beautiful woman was involved Part 1 of a series...
Port Elgin resident, Corrina Serda age 11, recently completed The Climate Project training program led by Nobel Laureate Al Gore 
Massive Oil Deposit Discovered?  What is this all about?  
Want to build a space ship?  We learned how at the popular PI series at the Museum on Wednesday April 2, 2008  
PI series at the Museum

Science Matters ...

 The ugly truth about Cosmetic Pesticides  

Earth Hour disappointing in Saugeen Area  
Does creativity wane with age or is it possible that age is just a number as many say
Forty Two and the Meaning of Life 
Would you like to get off the grid?  Read a brief primer on doing just that.
How Don Rogers got off the grid
First Perimeter Institute  Lecture of the Year at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre  features Dr. Ellis of CERN
The Movement of the Human Family
Remember the  Great Lakes on World Water Day

Perimeter Institute Waterloo Ontario.  Be sure to look at the Outreach Program with streaming lecture videos.



Time, the Vernal Equinox, Easter and by the way, what time is it?


A new computer is born in Switzerland.  Are we any closer to the long sought after 'Thinking Machine



CERN the home of the world's largest particle physics laboratory 


The Hubble Space Telescope


Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton


The Fragile Earth


Little is known about our neighbor Mercury, but here is an astonishing photo of it passing the gigantic Sun.  How far away is Mercury from the Sun?  Answer 36 million miles! 


Wind Turbines 




A Journey from Nubia to the Saugeen 


One of the most unusual new developments in Canada is the world renowned Perimeter Institute (PI) started by Mike Lazeridis. who is co-founder of Research In Motion of BlackBerry fame.  The popular PI lecture series returns to The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre this spring



At only 23, Mandy Hutter has traveled the Amazon River, slept in hammocks in the jungle and lived on a boat in Peru. 


A surprisingly strong Earthquake in the UK has influenced an area man. Important and careful work is going on at the Bruce to determine the risk, if any, to our area.  Area scientists are involved on a daily basis

The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre is beginning to plan the next series of public lectures from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) this spring, just as the many snowbirds return home to Saugeen Shores and surrounding areas.



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