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Eagleson's Southampton T. A Brown Port Elgin
George Funeral Home Wiraton Davey - Linklater Kincardine
Downs & Son Funeral Home Hepworth Fawcett Funeral Home
Thomas C. Whitcroft Funeral Home Mighton Funeral Home Ltd
mackenzie & Mccreath Ripley Ferguson Funeral Homes
Paul Eagleson Funeral Home McCallum and Palla Funeral Home,
Cameron Funeral Home Ltd (Walkerton) Rhody Family Funeral Home (Chesley)
Cameron Funeral Homes  Walkerton Greg Roberts Funeral Home  (Mildmay)
Tanner & Pearson Funeral Home Ltd, walkerton Mighton Funeral Home Ltd, Hanover
Falconer Funeral Home, Goderich Garrett Funeral Chapel (Neustadt)
Chatterson Funeral home & Cremation Services Collingwood MacIntyre Gilbert & Son Funeral  (Guelph)
Crawford Funeral Home(Arthur) Graham A Giddy Funeral Home (Fergus)
Futher-Franklin Funeral Home Ltd. (Wellesley England Funeral Home Mount Forest
McCulloch - Watson Funeral Home - Durham Fawcett-McEachern Funeral Home & Cremation Centre - Durham
May Funeral Home - Markdale  



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Bob Trelford Celebration of Life

11:00 a.m.
Saturday, April 5th (2014)
St. Paul's Anglican Church, Southampton

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