MPP Carol Mitchell and Minister of Natural Resources Donna Cansfield Visit Chantry Island.

MPP Carol Mitchell & Minister Donna Cansfield prepare to board the Peerless

From the Annual Chinook Salmon Fishing Derby lunch Friday, July 4th, in Tiverton, MPP Carol Mitchell and her special guest, the Minister of Natural Resources, Donna Cansfield, headed off to Southampton.  There they boarded the Peerless tour boat, operated by the Marine Heritage Society, for a tour of Chantry Island.

During the boat ride to the island, the tour guide Joan Rigby, explained the mammoth restoration that had been done on the island by the more than 250 volunteers, illustrating the project from its beginning to end with detailed photos.  The visitors also learned that more than 50 shipwrecks lay submerged around the island and that the lighthouse is one of only six Imperial lighthouses built by John Brown, one of the foremost architects in the 1800s.


MPP Mitchell carries protection in case

Minister Cansfield and Assistant Rebecca climb path up to the lighthouse

Once the Peerless docked, the visitors were forewarned that, because the island is a designated bird sanctuary the nesting seagulls can be very protective of their fledglings and, therefore, each visitor is required to hold a stick overhead to prevent possible attack while walking from the docks to the lighthouse.

While some visitors choose not to make the climb to the top of the lighthouse, Cansfield and Mitchell and their party decided the tour would not be complete without seeing first-hand the view from top of the Chantry Lighthouse.

.Relaxing in the restored Keeper's Quarters

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Minister Cansfield signs the Guestbook

MPP Carol Mitchell adds her name to the book


Following their trek up into the lighthouse, they toured the Keepers' Quarters which has been completely restored, complete with furnishings donated by the Bruce Country Museum & Cultural Centre.

MPP Carol Mitchell and Minister Donna Cansfield tour the gardens

Minister Cansfield conveyed considerable knowledge when it came to the historic artifacts found throughout the house.  "This type of restoration is very important.  These destinations are part of history and we have to do all we can to ensure that they will be there for future generations.  They have to at least be given the opportunity of knowing what history has brought to us."

Minister Cansfield, Saugeen Metis President, Jim McLay and MPP Carol Mitchell

Upon returning to the harbour, the two politicians met and had a brief discussion with Jim McLay, President of the Saugeen (Sanguinge) Metis and who was also on the Board of the Marine Heritage Society.

After a lite dinner at the historic Walker House, Minister Cansfield had to return to Toronto while MPP Carol Mitchell went on to the Kincardine Scottish Festival.  Mitchell however, will be returning to the area on Monday