Jane Stryker
Returns As October Feature Artist in Goderich

13/01/2009 04:25 PM



Jane Stryker paints with the passion of a woman bonded tightly with the earth and the natural environment around her. Her oils reflect the passionate reality of small creatures that interact with her in her rural hermitage. She also works in wood to create "existences" that reflect her fond admiration for Nature's many forms of trees.

"The forms I have created," she explains, "draw attention to the variety, and the amazing differences in their (trees) figure or pattern. These pieces reflect my changing moods, and they represent the love I feel for trees."

She has included a variety of wood forms in this show and the exhibition simply reflects her fascination with the diversity of these life forms around us.

The oils, in various sizes, are all painted within the last twelve months.  "They are simply images of the fascinating local creatures I have encountered," she declares.

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Jane's use of colour is subtle, yet very dramatic. Her earth tones are warm and embracing; her use of blue and green is striking yet most settling. The combination brings a sense of wonder about the life forms illustrated in her subject material.

Jane is well-known for her artistic works in the region. She has been an exhibitor at Elizabeth's Gallery a number of times and is a former member of the Goderich Coop Gallery.

"We welcome her return," says Madeleine Roske, feature artist co-ordinator, "Jane Stryker will inspire friends as well as newcomers who visit to view her new show."

The Goderich Co-op Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10am until 4pm, with a participating artist on hand daily to guide visitors through the ongoing exhibits by the fifteen member artists.

For further information, call Madeleine Roske at 519.524.2074 and to talk with the artist, call Jane Stryker at 519.529.7532