Graduation on the Beach

The Evening of June 28

A Rainbow of Colour and Youth

(L)Lisa Tuomi, Crystal Murawski, Jade Yourth, Brigitte Cowe, Bethany Wall, Jordan Hutton, Penny Sloan, Whitney Davloor, Jenny McQuoid, Maddy Tatton

A looming storm held off long enough for a long-standing tradition to take place on Port Elgin beach.

It was the annual graduation photo opportunity for grade 12 students from Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) held Saturday night, June 28th.

Elegantly gowned young women, and men in tuxedos, lined the boardwalk before finally scrambling into waiting limousines minutes before a torrential downpour began.  They then headed off to the Lakeshore Recreation Centre for their graduation prom.

Jamie Lee Cronan with mother, Darlene (L) and grandmother, Eleanor Irving (R)

Three generations (L) Grandmother, Theresa McGhee, Michaela and mother, Liz Campbell

Gowns & tuxes on the boardwalk

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Maddy Tatton and Adam Esplan co-ordinated in red

Jillian Snyder in unusual John Deere dress (with her mother)

Emma Gray(C) with dad Rob, mom Carol and family member, Cocoa

The Rugby Girls at Last Saturday's SDSS Beach Graduation Photo Shoot

(L to R) Kayla Miller, Michaela Campbell, Ali Cleaver, Janelle
 MacArthur and Anna Shave.