Bruce Power Tops at US SWAT Event
Thirty teams from four countries take part in two-day competition

Bruce Power turned in a dominant performance in capturing top prize at the U.S. National SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical) Championships in Castle Rock, Colorado.

"It was as close to a flawless performance as possible," said John Latouf, coach for the Bruce Power team.

 It was the first time a Canadian tactical team has won a championship in international SWAT competition.

The SWAT Championships, which ran last Thursday and Friday, drew 30 teams from four countries and included eight events testing physical fitness and marksmanship.

Bruce Power took first overall in three of the eight events, including the Carbine Crunch, which sent the officers through an obstacle course before they fired their rifles around and over an eight-foot barricade.
"People watched them do the Carbine Crunch and said 'That can't be humanly possible'," said Wade Lacroix, Head of Security for Bruce Power in praising the officers, who finished the event in two minutes and 49 seconds. The median time was nearly six minutes.

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Jordan MacDougall of Bruce Power practices breaching a door

Other events included:
*       Countersniper Challenge saw an officer run up and down a course and then hit targets more than 250  yards away.
*       The Glock Pistol Relay, which required officers to run with 110-pound weights and then hit targets.
*       The Bus Assault, where they had to pick off targets in a school bus and rescue dummies inside.
*       Shield Assault, where officers had to hit targets while crouched behind portable metal shields. Referees docked the officers if they missed a target or dropped the shield.

Bruce Power's team was comprised of six members and two alternates. They are: Brent MacMillan, Andrew Sopkowe, Greg Simmons, Ken Wright, Jordan MacDougall, Darryl White, Eric Anderson and Ben Nevin.

There will be little in the way of down time for the Bruce Power team as they prepare for the Security Protection Officer Training Competition (SPOTC) next week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they are defending champions in the Law Enforcement Category