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 Closs explains today's modern techniques

Make-up artist Rob Closs greets the audience

During the past week, the Southampton Art School has broadened its community involvement by hosting an entire week revolving around wellness and other areas of interest that were suggested by members and others.

From yoga and creative writing, pain management and the arts to a special evening of modern day make-up techniques, the school tried to offer a wide range of classes that would appeal to broad spectrum of the community.

As with all events hosted by the Southampton Art Gallery and School, each class was designed not only as a fundraiser but also to broaden the School's appeal to a wider audience.

The last event of the week held Thursday, August 13th, was a special make-up artistry evening that featured Rob Closs, a television and film make-up artist from Toronto.

"When I look at someone that I have to apply make-up to, his or her face is like a blank canvas to me. I try to bring out the best features while minimizing others, all through make-up application," Closs says. "It's much like painting. You have to choose colours, know how to blend, shadow and highlight."

For many thousands of years, humans in every culture around the world have used colour products to enhance their appearance. From B.C. China and India to Middle-ages Europe, cosmetics of one kind or another have played an integral part in almost every society.

Thursday's Art School demonstration featured the modern technique of 'air-brushing', where make-up is misted on to the skin in subtle layers. Part of the evening's appeal was the chance for individuals to experience a 'make-over'.

"Some of the make-overs I've done," said Closs, "are unbelievably satisfying, both for the client and myself. I've seen women and girls who have little self-confidence blossom under the metamorphosis. It's a well-known fact that if you feel good about yourself, you project that feeling to the world outside you and, sometimes, all it takes is a little enhancement.

Do I consider myself an artist? Absolutely. I use colour, light and shadow and my canvas is the human face."

Every class held during the first Creative Wellness Week was filled to capacity and the school is considering making the week an ongoing event with a series of speakers and classes that appeal to a broad audience.

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16/08/2009 11:20 PM

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