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CCNews includes subsidiaries Saugeen Times, Kincardine Times, Walkerton News and Grey-Wellington Times

In a time and place where the amalgamation of 'newsprint' resources seems to be prevalent, we wanted to establish a hyper-local, alternative, objective and, more importantly, a community based news source that would be available to everyone.

We are also appreciative that much of the area's (SW Ontario) population travels to warmer climes during the winter. Therefore, this news source has also been designed to keep them abreast of 'happenings at home' while they are away. 

So, stay tuned Snowbirds!

Just as the New York Times and CNN have seen their on-line popularity soar, the Saugeen Times, Kincardine Times, Walkerton News, and Grey-Wellington Times have become part of that explosive trend in electronic news media.

The 'E-paper' has been designed for you, the reader, who desires both a current and in-depth look at local news as well as a forum where your views can be expressed (see Letters to the Editor).

We are also going to delve into the sciences, technology, education and the environment with  columns by various guest experts.


he E-news publications are offered free to our readership thanks to the support of local advertisers.  Also, unlike print, the electronic media has no geographic boundaries, therefore, those placing advertising are ensure of the widest markets possible

We are local and we want to make a difference!

In each publication, we have attempted to cover those topics in which people have expressed they would have an interest. However, if YOU, the reader, has any suggestions or would like to see coverage in an area that we may have overlooked, please email us .

Sandy Lindsay/Owner and Editor saugeentimes1@hotmail.com

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Staff:  Volunteers and feature writers

Webmasters: Canada and U.S.

We hope that you, the reader, will keep your questions and concerns coming in because, without community input, there is no community.


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Enjoy your reading.

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