Budget deliberations continues after closed meeting

January 27, 2015

Town Council

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At Monday’s meeting (Jan 25/16), Council moved back into Committee of the Whole to continue discussions on the 2016 budget after the closed meeting.  

Committee of the Whole continued deliberations on the 2016 Budget with the following direction and/or recommendations provided.  

The Committee of the Whole recommended and carried that the Tiverton Columbarium be included in 2016 Budget funded from the Lifecycle Reserve Fund as requested by Councilor Randy Roppell.  

Among several other recommendations carried were:

>Council microphone system - make due with existing system
>Fire Department Vehicle Safety Upgrades -  to be funded from Fire Reserve Fund
>Fire Department Administrative Vehicle - defer and make priority for 2017
>St. Albert Street Sidewalks - make it top priority for 2017 
>Tiverton Sports Centre upgrade dressing room flooring and purchase new edger - include $30,000 in 2016 Budget funded from Tiverton Sports Centre Reserve Fund
>Brown’s Hill Bridge Replacement - still to be confirmed
>Projects in the 2016 Capital - High Priority List to be included in budget except as set out during discussion.  
For the next budget meeting, scheduled for February 8th (2016), deliberations will continue starting with Water and Wastewater projects and the Delegation Requests.  

Matters Arising from Committee of the Whole & Close Meeting

A closed meeting was held with the Natural Gas Project being considered.  Direction was given to staff and/or municipal in the closed meeting, including placing a motion before Council as a Matter Arising regarding including matter on agenda for next Council meeting.

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Council approve Committee of the Whole recommendations regarding the 2016 Budget as follows:

 i)   Council provide pre-2016 budget approval for following projects:

  • municipal parking lot, with meeting to be held on the design
  • Kincardine tennis courts improvements contingent on receipt of Trillium grant 

 ii)    Davidson Centre Traffic/Parking Study and Hamlin Street engineering be included in 2016 Budget, with completion subject to provision there are savings from non-staged projects to cover the cos

 iii)   Tiverton Columbarium be included in 2016 Budget funded from the Lifecycle Reserve Fund 

The Natural Gas Project is to be included on the January 27, 2016 meeting agenda in closed session to consider advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016