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written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Most every day, but Sunday, I receive a Nuclear Power news scan with world-wide input.  There are usually five or six articles coming from many countries. As much as 20% of the articles report anti-nuclear protests of one form or another. The others give event news and news releases.

Most of the stories are pure news like Bruce Power's long term energy plan


Feature Bruce Power secures long-term energy plan  Read More

This story is big news involving up to 18,000 jobs and billions of dollars. 

This certainly will have economic and cultural effects  in Bruce County and beyond.

How does this constant news flow influence those who protest nuclear power in general and the need for DGRs in particular.  I think not at all. They are frozen in their positions.

Let's look at an example.  Last week Finland announced that they are going ahead with a DGR for high level waste after more than a decade of study and hearings.

Finland and Sweden have been ahead of Canada in their plans ... ahead of most everybody else too.  Canada has modeled in part their Adaptive Phased Management process for high level waste after the Finnish and Swedish process model.

Early on in the Bruce County protests against DGRs, which was led by a very vocal few, an interesting video surfaced.

It was lauded by international activists and locals. What was happening in Finland came to us in a distorted form as a 'Hollywood' type documentary, aptly named 'Into Eternity'.

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It was shown locally under the sponsorship of activists for shock value, not to educate the public.  It was produced by a well known anti-nuclear activist and had a strong effect on local people just waking up to the fact that they are hosts to the world's largest nuclear power plant. 


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Orson Wells famous radio show 'War of the Worlds' moved people too.  He did it tongue in cheek. 

What amused me most was the depiction of Finland's science community as white lab coated Nerds emerging out of the depths of darkness.  They were decried because they could not predict the future with 100% accuracy.  Ah, you can't trust Nerds with a thing like certainty.

The video was baloney, but made an impression especially when cheered on by non-Bruce County people coming in for a lecture or two hosted by local groups

We can expect some articles written against the decision in Finland and we'll bring them to your attention.

Meanwhile we have Bruce Power, running the world's largest nuclear power plant showing us their long range plans, the decision from Finland and the Paris conference on climate change all happening within a couple of weeks.  Wow!  Then we have terrorist plots and security interests too.

So it was a 'power packed' few weeks.

How does the anti-nuclear movement respond?

We can expect the old arguments of status quo and wait for science to speak with a miracle that even the protest movement will believe.

How's that? The protest movement wants a 100% argument that they can understand.  Neither are possible.  What can be agreed upon is the waste continues to accumulate.

As the Joint Review Panel stated after their study:  It's all about safety and a DGR should be constructed in Kincardine sooner rather than later. 

Let's see how the delayed approval cycle performs.


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Monday, December 07, 2015