Reader appreciates non-scientific explanation for DGR

May 31, 2015



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To the Editor:

The recent article is a very good explanation. Thank you for your time and effort to keep the public informed, and to summarize the details in a way that a non- scientist would understand.

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Hopefully, a few of the borderline anti-group will read the articles and have their fears put to rest.

Unfortunately, there are many head strong Anti-people who probably will not even read the whole article because it contains what they donít want to hear. Logic.

 All of us who agree with the JPR findings, should make sure at least one 'Anti' that we know reads this and the previous article.

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 It is understandable that some people, aware of the pipeline disaster in California, would be leery of big business and risks taken to save money. (The pipeline had no shut off valves.) What they do not understand is that, where nuclear energy in Canada is concerned, our process takes into account that big business will not singly, ever have the ability to cut corners.

Jim Reid.


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Saturday, May 30, 2015