Separating fact from fiction

May 19, 2015


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To the Editor:

Regarding article: Jill Taylor Deputation

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Mike Sterling has spent a great deal of time reporting on the progress of the DGR decision process with a very open and informed method. I wish to thank him for making the effort to separate fact from fiction.

The noise that will continue from the “Anti” group is not based on science. If it was, the scientific knowledge and evidence would overcome concerns of the less informed as they accepted the decisions of people much more qualified.

Those qualified people on the JRP understand better than anyone, the ramifications of their conclusions.

Unfortunately, many very inflated egos have grown amongst the opposition who feel they must win to save face. Competition is for sports and games. Ladies, please stop thinking you are Julia Roberts acting as “ Erin Brochovich” and get on with your normal lives.

Jim Reid


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To the Editor: 

I suspect that TransCanada pipelines (part owner of BP) would like to build a commercial size line to BP site and build a gas turbine in lieu of spending billions for refurbishment of Bruce B. We should wait until this happens and get a small branch line off the main line. Much cheaper.

Dave Bursey.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015