Municipality pleased with JRP decision

May 7, 2015


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The Municipality of Kincardine is pleased with the decision of the Joint Review Panel to recommend approval of the proposed Ontario Power Generation Deep Geologic Repository for low- level and intermediate nuclear waste in Kincardine.

In commenting on the positive outcome of the JRP process, Kincardine Mayor Anne Eadie stressed that an objective assessment of the proposal, including the extensive investigation into the geology of the proposed site, leads to the conclusion that the JRP made a sound, informed decision.

 "As Mayor of the shoreline municipality of Kincardine, and as a passionate advocate of careful watershed stewardship," she added, "I am vitally concerned with protecting the integrity of Lake Huron. This thorough review by experts has confirmed that the DGR solution is the right answer for the long-term management of low-level and intermediate nuclear waste at the Western Waste Management facility. This project was first advocated by the municipality and has had the consistent support of the municipality and the community”.

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Thursday, May 07, 2015