What is Apple Pushing?
April 4, 2015

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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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What is Apple pushing?  When Steve Jobs was alive, Apple was into themes.  This was reflected in their Ads.  They were simple and clever, if a bit edgy and mean spirited.   The main theme was 'Join us in simplicity and forget the Nerds'

We all remember the Microsoft Nerd vs.  Mr. Cool Guy Ads. 

What are they  pushing now?  I don't really know.  Is it personal things like watches and TVs or what?  What long term goal is reflected in their message?  What is there message and where can I read about it?

There are more cost effective pads out there, we all know that.  Phones are a toss up.  People are looking at cost now, so they are vulnerable there.

I read more about their gigantic new office campus in Cupertino California, than I do about their technology.  I'm not talking about gadgets, I'm asking where is the technology?  What is the strategic plan?

I looked up advertising chatter on the net and sources say that Apple has lost their advertising edge since Jobs died.  The products continue to roll, but that never required and rarely used Jobs except for how they  looked and the big introductions. 

He was an ad and marketing guy, not a technology person.  He did not know much about the bits and bytes, but could sell dreams mostly because he believed in them.

It could be sour grapes because Apple is said to want to take over all advertising themselves and not rely on outside agencies.  So maybe we are in a dark period where things are getting sorted out.  Maybe the Cool Stuff is yet to come in spite of the $17,000 top of the line Dick Tracy watches.

A plan for hiring 1000 Ad people inside Apple has bin circulating in the advertising world.  Of course the advertising people don't want to lose a cash cow, but bringing things inside totally may be a mistake.

Looking at the other giants of the industry, it is easier to figure out what they want to do, because it is reflected in their ad campaigns.

For example, Microsoft is staying close to home.  They want to dominate the Cloud and how it is used by the business community.  They fill the TV and online ad space with Cloud ads.

Google wants their Android technology pushed from hand held devices to robot cars and onto the Cloud.

This is not unlike Apple.  You can see that from Jobs email to the top 100 execs in his company a year before he died.

It was released as part of a law suit with Samsung, who dogs Apple with patent issues. These two spend a lot of time with lawyers.

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According to Quartz www.qz.com

"He (Jobs) heralded the “Post PC era,” vowed “Holy War with Google,” promised to “further lock customers into our ecosystem,” and warned that Apple was “in danger of hanging on to old paradigm too long.”

For the full email Click Here  Please read it as it tells a lot about how Jobs talked to his company execs.

I now see all sorts of ads from Microsoft and Google pulling people to the Cloud.  Microsoft has the cleanest message because they 'own' so many big applications.  Google by comparison is application poor, especially in the business world.  I'm not talking about low cost Aps, but enterprise software.

Apple seems to lack a couple of key ingredients to dominate the Cloud.  One is the absence of a well known search engine.  They don't have Google or Bing.  They also don't have a full suite of applications that cover the playing field in the business world.

You see in Jobs email to his top 100 that he is worried about Apple being 'sticky enough' to maintain the customer base.  That is, the Cool Guys.  I think he'll keep them, but the business world will be hard to penetrate.

Of course he was sick when he wrote his exhortation, but in a strange way it lacks the robustness of what one expects of one of the best marketing people ever.  It is not a confident message.  The message is meant to tell them to get off their butt and invent something.

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