Municipal Water System users get a reprieve

March 10, 2015

Town Council

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Extremely cold temperatures, or fluctuations between warm and cold temperatures, can sometimes push frost to a depth that will freeze water services. Therefore, it is important for residents to continue to let their taps run to mitigate the risk of water lines freezing.

 In an effort to mitigate the cost of additional water consumption, Council has granted exemption under Schedule ‘N’ of By-law No. 2014-142 “Consolidated Rates and Fees By-law” for all residential properties by charging the equivalent of the fixed monthly rates only for the period commencing February 1st, 2015 until such time that the risk of freezing has been reduced (currently estimated to last until March/April).

Council authorized staff to provide similar relief to any affected businesses.

 In addition, all water system users that have frozen water services, have been provided vouchers to pick up cases of bottled water from Sobeys or No Frills in Kincardine.

Affected residents can also attend the Davidson Centre to use the shower facilities, if required.

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Who do I contact if I suspect my services may be freezing or has frozen?

Call the Water Department at 519-396-4660. After hours, call the emergency line at:  519-396-1511.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015