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written for Canadian Community news by Mike Sterling

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The Canadian Community News owner/editor has many talents.  One of them is singing.  Here is a sequential duet featuring Sandy Lee Lindsay with Rebecca Caine Canadian Soprano.

Notice that Sandy Lee is singing with piano only, while Ms Caine has a full orchestra. It is hardly noticeable.

The song is Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again'  Click the Mask below for the music



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The sequential duet shows the ability of modest cost technology to perform a fairly complicated task.

I use software from a Canadian firm  It took me about a day to learn enough to do what I did.

I was impressed with ease of use.  I called the company, which is private, to congratulate them.  They like what they do and have customers who love them. 

And guess what?  Once you pay, updates are free and they actually work as they are beta tested by their loyal  customer base.

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Sunday, February 08, 2015