People rush in to scoop up
the goodies at annual
Tiverton Cookie Walk

Tiverton news

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The ladies conducting the Cookie Walk at Knox Presbyterian Church in Tiverton, Saturday morning, include, back, Mary Duthie (L), Lorrie Alexander, Cora Lee Dobson, Mary Lehman; and in front, Eleanor Roppel (L), Heather Roppel, Carmel Pinkerton, Lillian Leggett, Heather Catto, and organizer Lee-Anne Lehman
photos by David Dadson

The crowd of people is busy filling up boxes of the delicious goodies

A throng of people filled the basement at Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton, filling up boxes of goodies at the annual Cookie Walk, Saturday morning.

The crowd chose from a huge assortment of cookies and squares, fudge, and a multitude of other treats, plus some arts and crafts.

The crowd rushes in to gather up treats at the Tiverton Cookie Walk

Janet McLaughlin (L) and Marilyn Meldrum choose from the array of treats

Handcrafted birch deer for sale through custom order at the Cookie Walk

Dagmar Scriver of Tiverton selects some treats to take home, at the Cookie Walk held Saturday morning at Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton

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Saturday, December 13, 2014