Loss of funding not new to Saugeen Shores

October 23, 2014

Town Council

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Several municipalities in Bruce County that have received funding in the past from Ontario Power Generation (OPG), dependent on licensing for a proposed deep geologic repository (DGR) for low and intermediate waste, may have to adjust their upcoming budgets.

Each community receives a different amount with Kincardine, as the host community, having received the largest sums.

In 2015, the OPG payments are hinged on the issuance or granting by the Federal Government for the licensing to proceed with the DGR.  As it stands presently, the decision rests with a recommendation by the Joint Review Panel (JRP) to the Federal Government, on whether or not to go ahead.

The JRP held two rounds of public hearings in 2013-14 where it heard from individuals, groups and organizations, scientists, geologists and experts in the field of nuclear energy and waste.  After thousands of pages of testimony, It must now make the decision on whether or not it has enough information to make a recommendation to the government.

The payments for 2014 will be paid out to the communities by the end of the year but a lump-sum payment of $2Million has been placed in trust after a license was not realized in 2013.

Municipalities that have received payments to date (Kincardine, Huron-Kinloss, Arran-Elderslie, Saugeen Shores and Brockton) have been told to plan their upcoming budgets without the guarantee of any payments.

The agreement to provide funding for surrounding municipalities by OPG goes back to the original 'hosting agreement' signed in 2004, points out Mayor Mike Smith of Saugeen Shores.

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According to Smith, "Saugeen Shores has never used the funds as part of its Operating Budget in any event but, wisely placed the monies into Capital Reserves.  We've lost funding before with Bruce Telecom and, with provincial cut-backs that continue today."


Mayor Mike Smith

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Thursday, October 23, 2014