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Do you think that Kincardine has the highest gas prices in the area?

Yes or No


No 1.0%
Yes 99.0%

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Kincardine always the highest same    price as Tobermory

1.27 here....1.12 in Owen Sound...really?


112.3 owen sound


127 in Kincardine Wednesday and 113 in Port Elgin the    same day



Absolutely!  Has been for a very long    time.  Delivery charges can't be any    different to Goderich or Port Elgin.  


Absolutely! It's collusion and it's    illegal and yet nothing is done.    Council and our MPP and MP should be    taking action on this!


Absolutley.  We have been *gas    watchers* for years.Kincardine's    market is consistently 6    10 cents    higher than neighbouring communities.     On Nov 13  Port Elgin's gas was 13.5    cents cheaper!  We drive to Port Elgin    to buy gas and take advantange of    other retail stores there rather than    shop in Kincardine. Check it out    on *Gas Buddy* app.


All neighboring towns have cheaper gas     very hard to comprehend!!

all the time


always get just enough to get out of    town or not at all been doing that for    years that goes for alot of other    things also. Doing a reno Timbermart    is no better its worth the time and    money going out of town          Sad...... we don't support our    community much!


always has and always will be higher.


An average of 5 to 7 cents a litre higher    than Port  Hanover or Goderich at most    times.


and yet they keep going up!!!!


As long as I can remember Kincardine    has always had the highest gas price    in the area  for eg. Goderich to Owen    Sound and over to Hanover. This has    puzzled me for years.


Because of the high prices  I refuse    to buy gasoline in Kincardine

Bought gas in goderich Friday at 117.2    Saturday it was 127.5 in kincardine.    Always try to fill up there as we go    to London often. Judy


Buy fuel out of town at every    opportunity to send a message.

by far


Canadian Tire used to be the place to get cheaper gas    at one time  although the C.T. gas bar in Port Elgin is a    lot cheaper now sometimes on par with the    independent in the same town. Why is our town so    expensive?


compared to goderich  and port elgin     it averages between 10  13 cents    difference! same gas truck drives the    same route!


Consistently.  This has been an ongoing   issue for several years now and yet no   one has been able to answer the   question: Why?


Definitely the highest prices between    here and Hamilton. Pioneer in Hariston    is always the cheapest.


Definitely. Sometimes as much as 10 cents    higher than other places around here.


Do I think?  I know!  Take yesterday     12NOV12.  Port Elgin Cdn Tire 119.9    and Kincardine Crossroads ESSO 127.9.


Everybody shop elsewhere and fill up    while there.

Everything is Kincardine is more then    the surronding areas......The town    council needs to be more accepting if    they want young people to move into    Kincardine!!  It has made me look    twice when buying a home here!


For sure Kincardine has the highest gas       10 cents higher than Goderich.


Gas in Kincardine Sunday was 127.9.     Went to Port Huron Sunday and on our    travels: Amberley 121.9  Goderich    117.9 & Sarnia 115.9.  What is wrong    with that?!?!?


Gas prices are always highest in   Kincardine and always the first to go up   before anywhere else


Hands down    YES!


Hanover  Port Elgin  and Owen Sound are    consistantly lower than Kincardine


Have a look at ontariogasprices.com     check our local area  you'll find    Kincardine at then bottom of the list    (most expensive) check other areas of    ontario i.e. London/Kitchener.  For    fun check Toronto  you'll see even    they have cheaper gas!!!


Highest gas prices and smallest retail   section compared to similar sized towns.   Therefore you have to go out of town to   buy stuff and that takes fuel.


Highest gas prices   No shopping   No Natural Gas   Nothing for our tax dollars   Way to go council!!! Keep up the great    work. NOT!!!!!   Look around people  it's time to wake    up.


http://www.ontariogasprices.com will tell    the story

I also go out of town for my fuel and    while we are out of town we do our    shopping its a win win situation for my    family and a looseing situation for the    business in kincadrine. I know my    family is not the only family doing    this. We cant all work at Bruce Power .


I always buy gas outside of Kincardine   whenever I can

I avoid buying gas in Kincardine. They    are usually at least 4 cents higher    than everyone else.


I did not wish to vote again but it is    absolutely ridiculous that gas prices    in Kincardine are 127.9 while in    surrounding communities are 112. What    is the problem with our town ?????


I do my best to buy my gas out of town as    i know it will be cheaper than here in    Kincardine....


I drive 50 000km + a year  and never    buy my gas here. It is always 5 cents    or more than Port Elgin  Hanover     Goderich & Owen Sound. Keep it high     and lose my business! This is the same    mentality as the retailers in    Kincardine.


I have been to Goderich several times    in the past month and the gas prices    there have always been at least 5    cents cheaper than here! 

I have been to two cities in the past    month  and even there  we are still    paying the most for gas.   There    should not be that much difference    between us and towns like Port Elgin    or Goderich.  


I have been travelling to Stratford     London  and Owen Soung for    appointments.  I cannot remember the    last time I filled up in Kincardine.     As a rule gas prices are usually 3 to    5 cents higher in Kincardine.  One day    they were 11 cents higher in    Kincardine than in Mitchell.  Explain    that!


I KNOW Kincardine gas prices are highest.  I    check a gas price app. 


I try to fill up in Goderich when I am    in town for something. 

I was told that it is because of Bruce    Power.  If that is true then why are    the gas prices lower in Port Elgin?         


If I am nearly empty  and know that I am    going out of town soon  I will only put    in enough gas to get me to the town    where I KNOW that the gas will be at    least 5  10 cents a litre cheaper than    Kincardine.  It's just another reason    NOT TO SHOP LOCALLY!!!


if you calculate how much extra the    gas companies have made from    kincardine by charging 1  3 cents more    a litre for the last 20 years you will    be astonished


Incredibly vague question  highest among    surrounding major towns in a 100 km radius?    Probably. But I bet there are rural gas stations that    are higher than Kincardine. Tiverton downtown    station comes to mind.


It definately does and always    will........not sure why the Cdn Tire    gas bar ( same owner for both) has    different prices for Kincardine and Port    Elgin...unacceptable!  


It is always 5  8 cents a liter higher    then our neibouring communities for no    reason.


It is not right if you can drive a    little way s and you can buy gas for    almost 10 cents less a liter.


it is outrageous

it just not gas prices the are higher    here an item at the Mount Forest    homehard ware was $99.99 while here in    town it was $139.99 wonder why we go    out of town to shop


It ranges as much as 4 to 7 cents a litre    higher than surrounding towns.  The argument    that it is a distribution issues doesn't cut it    when the station just south of Kincardine is    also less expensive.  Buy out  of  town!


It should be investigated as to why  it    only encourages people to go out of    town to shop.The BIA work so hard at    trying to get us to shop local. It's    sad that greed gets in their way.

Its not think  its know


It's obviously so. Just look around.


Its ridiculous!


Just check around our area  the price of   gas in Kincardine is always the highest.

Just gassed up in port elgin and it    was $1.19 then came to kincardine and    it was $1:23


just go to port and see there    price  almost always 5cent or more    cheaper


Kincardine gas prices are always high    put 10 bucks in and fill up somewhere    cheaper


Kincardine has had the highest prices    in the area for many many years and it    seems there is no excuse except greed.   When you have the same gas bars       example Cdn Tire in Port Elgin &    Hanover always several cents cheaper    then in Kincardine    what gives???    Greed...


Kincardine has the highest gas prices    in Ontario. I go elsewhere to by gas    and other things like clothes and food

My experience is that Canadian Tire gas prices in    Goderich  Hanover  Port Elgin & Owen Sound are    always cheaper than Kincardine.  Often as much as 10    cents per litre.


My experience is that Hanover  Port Elgin     and Owen Sound almost always have lower    prices than Kincardine    sometimes by as    much as ten or eleven cents a litre.    Goderich also frequently has lower prices.


No matter where you go Kincardine always has a very    high price. I am currently living in Ottawa for school.    Even here in the nation's capital we have cheaper gas    then the little town of Kincardine.



No question we DO have the highest gas    prices around


No wonder we the people of Kincardine    don't shop locally.....think about it.


Nov. 10th $ 1.27 in town  $1.17    Goderich. Today 13th Amberly 1.21 town    $ 1.27 WHY????


One attendent said *if you don't like    it    go some where else*.  We do    whenever possible.  Kincandine's    attitude sucks when it comes to those    of us that don't work at Hydro.


Pathetic!  Those of us that do not work @    the Bruce pay through the nose    no matter    what tax bracket!


Recently I have travelled to Owen    Sound and London.  Kincardine gas    prices are the hightest by as much as    5 cents per lt. most of the time.


the gas is always at least 7 to 10    cents higher than Hanover  this past    Sunday it was &1.16.9 in Hanover     guess  Kincardine doesn't want us to    shop local.


The gas prices are always higher in   Kincardine!!  Drive to Goderich  Port   Elgin  Hanover and you will see prices   anywhere from 3 to 10 cents a litre   less!!  Why is this we all ask?


THey need to explain WHY are they    higher than other towns 


this has been going on for years but    people seem to accept that our price    can be as much as 8 cents /litre    more.Its pure gouging


Time to boycott the Kincardine gas    stations until they line up with the    surrounding area!!!!


Todays price here 127.9  Port Elgin   114.6    119.9 That's pretty straight   forward!


Unfair  absolutely no reason for it!  Gas pump    bullies.


We don't THINK Kincardine has the highest    gas prices around    we KNOW Kincardine has    always had the highest prices around!!!


We go out of town as close as Port    Elgin or Goderich and the gas is 8 to    10 cent cheaper than Kincardine. If we    are already out of town for our gas    the you can bet we purchased other    items that we would of purchase here    if the gas wasn't so costly.  Tony and    Eva


We have occasion to travel out of town    quite often for medical appointments    and family events and always take note    of gas prices and always Kincardine    has higher prices than most places we    travel.


We travel a lot within southwestern   Ontario  and the prices are definitely   highest here. This is not something to   be proud of.


When you can purchase gas in Mount    Forest @ 114.9 or in Port Elgin for    the same price  thee is no doubt    Kincardine has the highest gas    prices.  But why??


Whenever possible  I buy at Port Elgin  Greenbush  or    Arthur or Goderich.


Whenever possible we buy our gas in    Port Elgin or elsewhere because of the    significantly higher price in    Kincardine.


Which station gets to set the price as all four    stations in town increase or occasionally decrease    their prices by the same amount at the same time


why do all the stations have the same    price? price fixing? I call for a one    week NO BUY gas in town. Maybe then we    will get some fair pricing. It is    cheaper to drive out of town to buy    gas! Maybe the local businesses need    to get involved as surely some    shopping is leaving the area because    of the gas proces.


WHY?  Esso & Petro can.  are Not    Helping to economy    


Without a doubt.  We are higher than    everyone around us daily without good    reason.


Yes   Why doesn't our municipal   provincial or federal    politicians have the courage to look into why we are    getting screwed in Kincardine .They all want to ignore    the problem instead of looking out for our best    interest .


Yes  Always has been. Boycott these    greedy stations and go out of town. We    have to anyway to shop as there is no    place to shop here anyway.


Yes  by all means. Has had for years.    I travel the length of the province    several times a year and by far they    are the highest of anywhere in the    province. Sounds like sure4 greed to    me. But as many people will agree  buy    gas elsewhere and boycott these greedy    people.


Yes  I paid $1.11 for gas in Owen    Sound yesterday while the price of gas    was $1.25 here in Kincardine!


yes buy gas out of town when you go    shopping as you can't shop here    anyway. Did you ever try to but a    man's dress shirt or pants? Not    likely!!


Yes I do  these high gas prices force us to also    buy groceries  clothing  and dine out when we are    getting gas in other towns. We make a day of it.


Yes it seems like we do. I was in Owen Sound the    other day and it was a $1.12.


Yes we do.  It mitigates against travellers stopping    here for gas and and a break.  We need the same    prices (and lower) all the way up the peninsula if we    are to compete for tourist dollars



YES! Port Elgin and Goderich gas prices    were 119.2 a litre





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