Documents released regarding sale of Bruce Telecom
By Liz Dadson


Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has released the documents pertaining to the controversial sale of Bruce Telecom to Eastlink (Bragg Communications).

At the council meeting Wednesday night (Sept. 17), councillor Randy Roppel asked when these documents would be made public. They were supposed to be made available at the public meeting Aug. 27 but that meeting was cancelled.

Clerk Donna MacDougall said staff was still working on redacting the information from those files but they would be released as soon as possible.

Friday, the documents were made available and can be viewed on the Kincardine municipal website at: http://www.kincardine.net/brucetel.cfm

Meanwhile, Kincardine council maintains that Eastlink cannot terminate its agreement to purchase Bruce Telecom, a deal made public in January, at a sale price of $26.5-million.

During a closed session Sept. 3, council discussed the issue, and upon returning to open session, approved a resolution, stating that a letter be forwarded to Eastlink, "affirming that the Municipality of Kincardine does not accept their (Eastlink's) purported termination of the Asset Purchase Agreement for Bruce Telecom."

Mayor Larry Kraemer says it could be, potentially, a long road ahead for both sides.

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  Liz Dadson

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Saturday, September 20, 2014