Municipality agrees to divest itself of the airport house
By Liz Dadson


Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has decided to divest itself of the rental house, located just northeast of the Kincardine Airport.

In committee-of-the-whole Wednesday night (July 2), chief administrative officer Murray Clarke presented a report, recommending that a Request for Proposals be posted for removal of the airport house.

Clarke said that efforts to attract a suitable residential tenant have met with no interest, and past experience with tenants has been problematic.

Two years ago, the municipality was forced to evict the tenants and clean up the mess they had left behind.

"Even with a responsible tenant in place, there is little or no economic return to the municipality relative to landlord and tenant management consideration," said Clarke, in his report.

Financially, whether vacant or with tenants, the property represents a liability and is a net cost to the municipality with no service or program benefits, stated the treasurer in the report.

Clarke said the removal of the house was also recommended by Genivar when it drew up the airport strategic plan.

"Do we have a timeline for this?" asked councillor Randy Roppel.

"Before the winter would be reasonable," said Clarke. "There are elements in that building that are salvageable. We would see as much returned to the municipality as possible, but ultimately, the house must be removed."

"I would be happy to see it salvaged and removed," said councillor Candy Hewitt.

"You could move it to the fire department property and we could use it for training purposes, over and over again," said councillor Mike Leggett.

Committee-of-the-whole agreed to seek Requests for Proposal for removal of the airport house.

That recommendation will come before council for final approval July 9.


Liz Dadson

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