Kinetic Knights Robotics team hosts thank-you dinner for sponsors, mentors and families
By Liz Dadson


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Kevin Mowle (L) and Julia Pagnan load up their plates at the Kinetic Knights Robotics team's thank-you dinner, held Saturday night at the Lake Huron Learning Centre, Kincardine

Kush Joshi (R) administrative captain for this season's Kinetic Knights Robotics team, introduces some of the rookies who joined the team for the 2014 season

This season's Kinetic Knights (FRC Team 781) build captain Luke Splettstoesser (L) and administrative captain Kush Joshi (R) introduce next season's build captain Greg Reid (second to left) and administrative captain Darby Watterworth

Richard Yun (centre, front) is joined by mentors of the Kinetic Knights Robotics team to present awards to several members of the team, at the thank-you dinner Saturday night

The Kinetic Knights Robotics team hosted a dinner Saturday night at the Lake Huron Learning Centre, Kincardine, to thank the FRC Team 781's sponsors, mentors and families for their support this season.

Besides showcasing the 2014 robot, the evening was an opportunity to display the presentation that earned the Kinetic Knights the Chairman's Award, for the second year in a row, at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Greater Toronto East regional in March.

This qualified the team to attend the FIRST world championships in St. Louis, Missouri, in April, for the fourth year in a row.

The 2015 season's build captain is Greg Reid, and administrative captain is Darby Watterworth.

"Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight," said Greg, "and thank you for donating money, materials and your kids, in support of our team."

Kush Joshi, 2014 administrative captain, said there are four important components to Team 781: the alumni who gave the team a strong foundation; parents of students on the team for their undying support; the donors who provide funding and materials; and the mentors who help team members grow as people, as well as build a robot.

The following awards were presented:

Rookies of the Year

  • Jed Gonzales
  • Declan Mowle

Jed Gonzales (L) and Declan Mowle are Rookies of the Year

Most Improved Kinetic Knights

  • Dhvanil Joshi
  • Mathew Strader

Dhvanil Joshi (L) and Mathew Strader are Most Improved Kinetic Knights

Outstanding Contribution

  • Alessandra Lozada
  • Robert Colquhoun

Robert Colquhoun (L) and Alessandra Lozada receive the award for Outstanding Contribution


  • Darby Watterworth

Gracious Professionalism

  • Bradley Reid

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

  • Alex Pagnan


Shannon McCarter (L) and Elizabeth Wood explain the display about the Chairman's Award presentation, at the Kinetic Knights thank-you dinner Saturday night

Jed Gonzales (L) and Declan Mowle operate the robot

Alex Pagnan (L) and Brendan Rogers are in charge of the technical portion of the evening

Richard Yun (R), a mentor with the Kinetic Knights Robotics team, presents the Gracious Professionalism award to Bradley Reid; the team chooses the winner of this award

Alex Pagnan (L), receives the MVP award from Richard Yun

Richard Yun (R) presents the Leadership award to Darby Watterworth

Alex Pierce of the Kinetic Knights barbecues hamburgers for the meal

Michael Strader (L) and Derek Eberl put the hamburgers together for the meal

A cake to celebrate

The Team 781 robot in action

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Monday, June 16, 2014