OPG Joint Review Panel hearing to continue Sept. 9 in Kincardine
By Liz Dadson


Huron-Kinloss council

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The federal Joint Review Panel hearing into the proposed Ontario Power Generation (OPG) low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste Deep Geologic Repository (DGR), will continue Sept. 9 at the Kincardine Legion.

The announcement came a day after an update about OPG's Western Waste Management Facility by Scott Berry at the Huron-Kinloss general committee meeting Monday night (June 2).

In his presentation, Berry said the facility needs to be prepared for continued operations until the low- and intermediate-level waste can be transferred to the proposed DGR; and until used fuel can be transported to a long-term storage facility, now being considered through the Adaptive Phased Management process.

Huron-Kinloss continues to be part of that process, as a possible DGR site for used nuclear fuel storage.

Berry said the Joint Review Panel held hearings last fall and during that process received 12,500-page OPG Environmental Assessment (EA) documents, over 25 hearing days, with more than 20 interventions, and 60-plus hearing undertakings.

"To date, there have been 585 information requests," he said. "OPG has gone back and looked at the modelling and confirmed the methodology. All responses were submitted by the end of May, and the safety case remains strong."

He said the review panel said it was planning to hold additional public hearing days.

The announcement was made Tuesday (June 3), that the additional public hearing days are to begin Sept. 9, at 9 a.m., at the Kincardine Legion. The hearing will continue over about two weeks.

The public hearing will give participants, OPG and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) the opportunity to provide their views in relation to the subjects of the information requests issued by the panel since November, 2013. Any person may attend the public hearing as an observer.

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Once the panel has sufficient information, it will close the public record, and registered interveners and the proponent have the opportunity to make closing comments, said Berry.

The panel has 90 days to submit an EA report to the federal minister of the environment, and the minister has 120 days to render a decision.

The review panel will then have 90 days to deliberate the site preparation and construction licence.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014