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Would you financially support the redevelopment project at the Kincardine hospital?

Yes or No


No 30.0%
Yes 70.0%

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Here are some of the comments, but not all as some duplicate votes were tossed out.  We don't correct spelling:

I'll donate!  **
It is imperative due to the   geographical location of our hospital   (lakeside) and the frequency of   highway closures in winter  that we   retain full medical services at   Kincardine hospital.
let's GO.. REady to raise money   we   need this hospital
Let's start fund raising  now
Not until we have a government on   board
Projected cost is 100 million. That's  equivalent to 400 new houses at $250 000  each including plumbing heating and on  their own lots    a small town. I  realize hospitals have some special  needs but the numbers don't work for a  30 bed hospital
We already do   with our taxes
We need updating at our hospital.
Why? Just to get screwed by the   government again!
With all the money that the Workers of OPG and Bruce   Power make we can afford to help! Take $50 off of   each OPG/BP's salary and that would be a nice sum of   money! The workers won't even notice the difference.   Please note that I am not involved with either above   company.  So I may be a tad biased
Yes  I would IF the money stays in the  community and OUR hospital  we do need  the hospital and all the wonderful staff  that work so hard to keep it going.




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Saturday, November 10, 2012