Perfect weather for Canada Day in Kincardine
By Liz Dadson


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The Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band, led by Ralph McKay (L) and Scott Telford, marches down Harbour Street, followed by a sea of red and white. Photo by David Dadson


Kincardine Guiding and friends get ready to march in the parade. They are Guider Mary Ritter (L), Beaver Justin Noakes, Guider Alicia Noakes, Cub P.J. Skinner, Pathfinder Rebecca Dadson, Guide Harriet Skinner, Pathfinder Christiane Ritter, Brownie Kali Dunlop and Guider Liz Dadson.
Photo by David Dadson

air cadets

The Kincardine Air Cadets get ready to march in the parade


Matt Black tries to get this 20-foot-by-40-foot Canadian flag airborne; he already had a 12-foot-by-six-foot one flying attached to a kite


Ryan Garscadden (R) of the Reptilia Zoo shows the crowd a ball python; he also brought out a Tegu, a Greek Tortoise, an alligator, and a Burmese python


Richard Knechtel (L) as Dickie Bird entertains with the help of volunteers Adam Murphy (R) of Kincardine and Carly Roy of Sudbury

It was perfect weather to celebrate Canada Day in Kincardine.

The sun shone brightly, there was a slight breeze and it wasn't too hot, for a change.

A huge crowd lined the streets as the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band led the parade from the Kincardine Legion up Durham Street to Queen Street and then down Harbour Street to the big flag by the lakefront.

Everywhere you looked was a sea of red and white and a flood of Canadian flags as people showed their patriotism on Canada's 143rd birthday.

Mayor Larry Kraemer welcomed everyone and said it's always a good year to be Canadian, but especially this year in the wake of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. He also urged everyone to remember the Canadian troops who are overseas, protecting all of us.

Recreation supervisor Mike Eadie announced the winners of the stamp contest:

Grade 1 - Wilson Shipp of Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School (KTTPS) was first, Jessie Anderson of Elgin Market Public School (EMPS) was second and Tainnen Stone of EMPS was third.

Grade 2 - Nathan Williams of EMPS was first, James Greenwood of EMPS was second, and Maia Hinchberger of EMPS was third.

Grade 3 - Brittany Norman of KTTPS was first, Mattie Shipp of KTTPS was second, and Alexandra Thorn of St. Anthony's School was third.

All of the winning entries are displayed in the post office for the public to view.

As the giant Canadian flag was raised and the red-and-white balloons were set free, the crowd sang "O Canada."

From there, people were encouraged to take in the events in Macpherson Park which included Brontae Hunter and the Ten O'Clock Band, two presentations of the Reptilia Show from Vaughan, Dickie Bird (Richard Knechtel), a Penny Carnival with lots of games and prizes, and food vendors.

The Canada Day festivities were capped off with a glorious fireworks display at dusk at the harbour.


Ben Morton, 2, of Waterloo waves the Canadian flags from atop the shoulders of his grandmother, Joan Stewart. His grandparents have a cottage in Inverhuron.


Connor (L), 6, and Carter Phelan, 8, cottagers at Emmerton Beach, get ready to drive their jeep in the parade


James Avery, 3, of Underwood is dressed up for the Canada Day parade


Deputy mayor Laura Haight rides her environmentally-friendly vehicle in the parade. Photo by  David Dadson


Sophia Phillips (R), nine months, of Kincardine gets her face painted by Emily Mallett (L), while she is held by Jasmine Smith of Kincardine


Kayla Crouchman (L) paints a giant maple leaf on the face of Sarah Benney, 8, of Kincardine


Mike Cracknell demonstrates how to do the head-on-stick spinning as part of the obstacle course


Ryan Garscadden (L) shows the children an alligator


Canada Day ends with a brilliant, colourful fireworks display


Cadet Natasha Rutledge holds the balloons


The balloons are released into the air


Pipe major Jennifer Farrell (L) of the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band, tunes up the chanter on the bagpipes for Sarah (Howald) Hodges


Terry Reid (L) of the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band, tunes up the drones on the bagpipes for Nick Reid


Brontae Hunter sings with the Ten O'Clock Band


Riley (L), 7, Ashley, 4, and Nicole Robb, 9, of Cambridge have decorated their bikes for the parade


Mackenzie (L), 6, Gabrielle, 21 months, and Cameron Kuntz, 4, of Kincardine join the parade

flag raising

The flag is raised during the singing of "O Canada"


Ginny (L), 11, and Chalmers McAllister, 14, of Caledon compete in the obstacle course. They were in Kincardine visiting grandparents Gwen and John Howard


Jack (L), 3, and Ben Small, 8, of Mitchell try their luck at the fishing game


Greg Hill (L) helps Ryan Garscadden of the Reptilia Zoo, handle this Burmese python


Harriet Skinner (L) doesn't look as if she wants to touch this ball python held by Ryan Garscadden of the Reptilia Zoo


Bright fireworks reflect off the water

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Friday, July 02, 2010