Mount Brydges man wins Chantry derby
By Liz Dadson 


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Todd Devries (L) of the Chantry Chinook Derby committee, presents the $12,000 first prize to Craig Wilton of Mount Brydges, holding his winning fish, a 17.92-pound salmon


Gary Schwindt (L) of Kitchener holds up the winning trout, weighing 14.5 pounds, caught by his son, Jason. Todd Devries presents the first prize cheque of $2,500 to Schwindt

Craig Wilton of Mount Brydges caught a 17.92-pound salmon during the first week of the 27th annual Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby, and it held on to win the event and the $12,000 first prize.

In second place was Harry Dosman of Mildmay with a 17.5-pound salmon; and in third was Jordan MacDougall of Goderich, with a 17.14-pound catch.

Jason Schwindt of Kitchener had the largest trout, with a 14.5-pound catch which he landed during the start of the second week of the derby. He received a cheque for $2,500.

In second place was Tim Mulholland of St. Marys with a 14-pound trout; and in third was Jacob Kinsman of RR 2, Hensall, with a 13.7-pound catch.

The derby, sponsored by 98 The Beach, began July 24 and ran until Aug. 8, with the awards ceremony held Sunday afternoon (Aug. 8) at the Whitney Crawford Community Centre in Tiverton.

Bob Greason, derby chairman, welcomed everyone and congratulated those who had landed the biggest fish.

Saugeen Shores mayor Mike Smith congratulated the Lake Huron Fishing Club, which organizes the derby every year and operates the salmon hatchery in Port Elgin and the trout hatchery in Kincardine to restock the lake.

"We appreciate all the hard work you do throughout the year," he said.

Al Wilkins of the Lake Huron Fishing Club, said hosting the 27th annual derby is an incredible accomplishment for this group. 

"It's a great deal of fun for a lot of fishermen," he said, "but we're not just running a derby, we're raising money for the club."

He said the money is used for fish conservation, and for projects to maintain the fish stocks in the lake, including the salmon and trout hatcheries. The club also plants trees and puts up fences along the streams, provides fish-cleaning stations, maintains the boat launch ramp at Baie du Dor, provides the tackle-share programs at the local libraries, and looks after the kids fishing docks in Port Elgin.

"This 16-day derby, with four weigh stations and more than $100,000 in prizes, doesn't just happen," said Wilkins. "It takes 200 man-hours just to operate one weigh station, and we need more volunteers."

He praised the weigh station foreman who manned the stations in Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton and Pike Bay throughout the derby. "That's a formidable commitment," he said. "It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and they have to answer a lot of questions."

Wilkins said the derby started July 24, but for the organizing committee, it began September of 2009. "It takes 11 months of hard work and a good team of volunteers to make this happen. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. They do whatever is required to get the job done, without complaint or recognition."

He also thanked Rick Dwinnell who looks after the Chantry Chinook website and leader board and does an excellent job.

Greason then presented the prizes for Kids Day, Ladies Day and Seniors Day. The new youth prize was to be determined later.


Cindy Wyatt of Hanover wins one of the Ladies Day prizes


Ken Szabo of Kincardine wins a prize for the largest salmon on Seniors Day

Then, the excitement mounted as Greason held up the Federal Express envelope containing the two numbers that were decided by a company in Texas. If they matched the last two numbers of the weight of the winning salmon, "92," then Wilton would win $50,000.

Greason opened the package and it revealed the numbers "73" which did not match.

And finally, the 50-50 draw for half of about $2,400 was made, and the winner was Grant McAlpine of Southampton.

During the derby, there were 1,181 entrants registered, 274 salmon caught, and 814 trout caught.

For complete results from the derby, check the website at www.chantrychinook.com.


Jim Beange (L) of Port Elgin, a member of the Lake Huron Fishing Club, presents the 50-50 draw prize to winner Grant McAlpine of Southampton


Jacob Kinsman (L) of RR 2, Hensall, wins third in the trout category, receiving his prize from Todd Devries



Bob Greason (L) presents a bike to Katie MacMillan, 12, of Kitchener, winner of one of the Kids Day events


Lucas Watson (L), 5, of Kincardine receives a bike from Bob Greason, for winning Kids Day


Bob Greason (L) presents a bike to Tyler Bender, 6, of St. Thomas, one of the prizes for Kids Day


Barbara Bester of RR 1, Kincardine, wins a prize for the largest salmon on Ladies Day


Craig Wilton holds up the sealed envelope to check that it is sealed before it was opened by Bob Greason to reveal the numbers to match for the $50,000 prize


Todd Devries (R) presents the second-prize of $4,000 to Harry Dosman of Mildmay


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