SDSS 'Young Growers' initiative expands thanks to local business

April 28, 2014


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Mowbray Canadian Tire helps science of biology classes

(L-R) Max & Zach Mowbray, Donna Thomson & teacher Keith Day

Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) greenhouse continues to educate not only high school students but has also evolved in getting elementary school students involved in the ongoing science of biology through the cultivation of plants and how insects help maintain a healthy plant environment.

Under the leadership of teacher, Keith Day, the science project now more than 30 years old, involves local businesses, the Town of Saugeen Shores, volunteers and individuals who support the program by purchasing plants during the month of May each spring.

The greenhouse has now been getting ready for the May sales from which all proceeds go to the support of the project, as it receives no government funding.

One of the major contributors to the program is Mowbray's Canadian Tire of Port Elgin.  The family owned-and-operated business has provided equipment and donations that have given the students and Day the opportunity to explore new avenues of plant biology.

This year, Mowbray's provided funding for a special 'grow caddy/cart' as part of the "Young Growers" initiative.  'Young Growers'  takes plants into a local elementary school where senior volunteers and high school students take part in helping young students learn about plants and insects. 

The cart/caddy features a grow light, expandable shelving and water-retention edges.  "This cart is amazing," says Day.  "It is made in Italy and is easily transportable and has grow lights.  The caddy/cart can be moved close to natural light sources through windows and then the light source is turned off to conserve energy.  We could never have acquired this without Mowbray Canadian Tire."

Max Mowbray explains how to plant seeds

On Thursday, October 24th (2014), Northport elementary students toured the greenhouse, helped plant seeds and also released thousands of ladybugs into the greenhouse for disease and pest control.

Releasing ladybugs is exciting!

'Tyler' has no problem getting his hands in the dirt

The 'Venus Flytrap' plant always draws a big crowd when it eats insects and worms

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The 'Young Growers' initiative is important to the Mowbray family of Canadian Tire and, therefore, they also pay for the bus transportation to and from the five elementary schools that are expected to take part in the program.

'Brodie' lends a helping hand with trays

For further information, call Keith Day at SDSS:  (519) 832-2091, ext. 623 or visit: www.saugeengreenhouse.com

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