Kinetic Knights win safety award at Waterloo Regional


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The Kincardine District Secondary School Kinetic Knights, Team 781, brought home the safety award from the FIRST Waterloo Regional competition on the weekend

The Kincardine District Secondary School Kinetic Knights, Team 781, competed on the weekend (March 25-26) in the Waterloo Regional competition, earning several awards in the process. 

During qualification matches the robot hung uber-tubes and completed logos while the mini-bot consistently won its races. The Kinetic Knights even received the Creativity Award for their innovative mini-bot design.

After qualification, Team 781 was ranked third out of 29 teams (its highest-ever qualification seeding).

This seeding score gave the Kinetic Knights the opportunity to choose their own alliance which they used to select Team 3683 (Dave) from Waterloo and Team 2625 (ArcReactor) from Mississauga. With this newly- formed alliance, the Knights managed to win the quarter-final match and advance to the semi-finals.

However, they were unable to upset the second-ranked alliance in the semi-finals and were eliminated from competition. The Knights appreciated competing with Teams 3683 and 2625, and wished them both the best of luck in their future competitions!

At the awards ceremony, the judges acknowledged the Kinetic Knights positive team spirit and dedication to safety. As a result, they were awarded the Industrial Safety Award for the second consecutive year. 

All in all, it was an incredibly successful start to the season and the Knights thank their sponsors, mentors and parents for making all of this possible. 

The Kinetic Knights will be in action again this weekend, April 1-2, at the Greater Toronto West Regional competition.


The Team 781 crew works on the robot


Some uniquely-dressed, green, Team 781 fans  


The Kinetic Knights have the first-place mini-bot

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011