Recycling at its best in artistic creations


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A life-sized 'traffic stopper' ...



... corralled outside Southampton Art Gallery

It was life-sized but made of unusual materials and ... it stopped traffic outside the Southampton Art Gallery & School in Southampton, Saugeen Shores.

Created by welding artist, Ruta Wilson, the life-like steed is an original piece of art that is made entirely of recyled materials.

Artist creator, Ruta Wilson

Artist, Ruta Wilson, is following her creative instincts and the old adage that "you have to do what you love".  As a welder, Wilson worked on the Skydome construction in Toronto, but is now following her creative side. 

"I have made many utilitarian items," says Wilson, "but it's when I can create from my imagination, that I'm happiest.  I look for pieces in everyday life that I can use to develop unusual art."

Unusual creations from re-cycled materials

Unique fireplace 'pokers' and exquisite walking sticks

Today, Wilson's work, through her 'West Rock Art Metal', is in demand, particularly for unique one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces of art.

For more information, call 519-376-4287


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Saturday, August 27, 2011