Outdoor patios in downtown Kincardine this summer
By Liz Dadson


Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has given final approval for outdoor patios in downtown Kincardine this summer.

The issue stems from a presentation to council in February in which staff outlined what was required for a business to set up an outdoor patio for the summer months.

The following documents would be required for the review and approval of an outdoor patio by the municipality:

  • Application Form Right of Way Activity Application
  • Patio Site Plan including Temporary sidewalk details on 11-inch-by-17-inch paper
  • Approval from Downtown Kincardine Business Association (if applicable)
  • Approval from the Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Health Unit Certificate covering new outdoor patio area
  • Municipal Liquor Licence Policy Adherence
  • Liquor Licence for Patio Area from Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Copy of Current Liability Insurance

The applicant is required to provide a site plan which includes the following:

  • The location and dimension of the building establishment, the entrances, exits and washrooms
  • The location and use of the adjacent buildings, the entrances and exits
  • The location and dimension of the patio, the entrances and exits
  • The area of the patio (in square metres)
  • Location and dimension of any enclosures, umbrellas, tents, awnings, etc.
  • The location, height and construction material used for the boundary fence, gate
    location and width of gates
  • Location of tables, chairs, fire extinguishers, bars, stages, etc.
  • Expected occupant load
  • Temporary sidewalk design, location and dimensions, construction material and engineer's certificate for safety and load bearing, if required; number of on-street parking spaces required
  • Location of ALL municipal services and assets within the Patio or near the temporary sidewalk (examples, location of curbs, municipal parking spaces to be
    utilized, hydro poles, fire hydrants, storm sewer grates, manholes, trees and all below grade and above grade utilities including chambers/vaults, water lines, sewer lines and other underground utilities). Also identify whether any public street fixtures and furniture, banners or flower baskets are required to be removed or relocated to accommodate the design. Additional fees may apply for removal or relocation
  • Applicants will be required to demonstrate that no municipal fixture, utility or drainage flow is being impacted. In the event that a fixture or utility appears to be impacted, written approval is required from the agency or department responsible for the fixture

For first-time applicants, the total fee is $200 plus applicable taxes. This covers the administrative costs associated with the issuance of a right-of-way permit and one inspection visit. 

Lease fees for the municipal sidewalk and parking space usage, from April 15 to Oct. 15, are waived in the first year of operation.

For second-time and subsequent applicants, the application fee is $200 plus applicable taxes, for the permit and inspection visit.


The lease rate will be 25 cents, plus applicable taxes, per square feet per month, for the lease of municipal sidewalk and parking space(s), for the purpose of the outdoor patio.

For detailed information about establishing an outdoor patio, click here.

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert requested the proposal be sent to the Kincardine police services board which was done. The board made suggested wording changes that were incorporated in the new document.

Councillor Kenneth Craig suggested the proponents of outdoor patios pay at least 50 per cent of the lease fee in the first year because they are creating the outdoor patio as a way of making more money.

He said there is value placed on the municipal sidewalk for outdoor patios, so will there be a value placed on that space used by local retailers in other areas?

Councillor Maureen Couture said she has no concerns about other merchants using the municipal sidewalks for signs or racks of clothes. However, an outdoor patio has full use of that space for a certain amount of time, and should pay for it.

"That $200/year every year is a bit steep," said Faubert. "Perhaps the $200 could be a one-time fee."

"I have no problem with charging that fee," said deputy mayor Anne Eadie.

The outdoor patio policy was adopted at the March 19 meeting.

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