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Would you want a highdensity apartment complex in your neighbourhood?

Yes or No


No 77.2%
Yes 22.8%

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 Providing badly needed rental housing  in Kincardine is more important than  details such as noise  view impairment  and garbage bins  issues which can all  be dealth with during the planning  process with a site plan.


 too much traffic


developers want to cram  too much into every space and it ends  up being the neighbours who have to  deal with overflow parking  trash etc


 Should be downtown were people can walk to  stores


Diversity in housing is welcome in  Kincardine.  


Growth needs to be balanced with surrounding environs. Not sure high density in a predominantly R1 neighbourhood is the 'right' way to go. 


High density means high traffick  density which nobody really  wants.                                                                                                             
I bought my house where I am specifically  to not have this there.  I would be very  upset if zoning or whatnot was changed to  allow it.


I can not think of any good reason to  build a high density facility in this  neighbourhood 


I don't know what all the fuss is  about.  A highdensity apartment  complex is no worse than the wind  turbines that they approved in the  former Bruce Township and there is  certainly more than one of those!!!   And the apartment building likely  wouldn't have hundreds of flashing red  lights!!!  So what's the problem now???


i may choose to live there than my own  home   due to the high tax and poor  service. i would not have to be  responsible for snow removal or  noxious weed control.


I would not want a highdensity apartment complex next door to me  like the people on Huron Terrace are going to have.  Apartments have their place  but not in between houses!!!


If it is geared for seniors  why not?   We need more of these buildings in our  Town.


If it was designed to fit with the local area.


It depends  it shouldn't look like a monstrosity but yes we need the housing and if someone wanted to build it in my neighbourhood  I'd say ok.


It would be inappropriate to put one  in a solely residential  single home  neighbourhood  but if we're talking an  area with businesses  like the  downtown area  then that would be  fine. It's busy anyway and wouldn't  detract visually.


It would be out of place in our  residential neighbourhood subdivision   but it would be fine downtown


Look at all the empty houses and  apartments here already.  Why more




No  I would not


NO  I would not  there is a place for them  and it is not in a nice residential area.  There are areas that they would fit into  but some are not.


No more than I'd like a *high*  industrial wind turbine  both have  negative impact on the existing  neighbours. 


No Way!!!! Look at the condo complex  on Queen. What a eye sore! Building a  large condo area 5 feet off the fence  line so people look right into your  backyard! Neat!!!! Battle Battler out  of Kincardine


Parking is always a problem when it  comes to highdensity complexes.  A  highdensity complex would certain  draw from the work to maintain a  heritage theme of the downtown area


That sounds absolutely ridiculous. Why would ANYONE want to ruin the beauty of kincardine?


The previous buildings built by these  developers are attractive and well  maintained.  This type of housing is  very much needed  not everyone is a  gardener or wants to be a homeowner.


There's enough vacancies here. I do not see the benefit of additional accommodations when there are plenty available.


We are becoming an area of suburban  sprawl and needless commuting by gas  powered polluting vehicles. Time to  build skyward and leave the land for  much needed agriculture. 


We have been trying to restore the  downtown location to the *smalltown*  atmosphere.  This 6storey monster  will put an end to that plan.  Plus   there is not enough parking for all  the vehicles associated with that   building.  It'll ruin the view of the  lake from the Victoria Park also.  


We need more subdivisions for single  detached affordable homes for young  families.


We need to find a way to enable people to keep living near the downtown core  even after they perhaps can't keep up a house and yard any more. 


Why not! It would provide housing and  people to shop in our stores.



yes  its better city planning. But  Kinc isn't really about that   otherwise we'd have a f*@%ing WalMart.


Yesbut only if it is no higher than  three floors and suitably landscaped.




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Monday, January 02, 2012