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Are you enjoying the warmer temperature and lack of snow this year?

Yes or No


No 27.3%
Yes 72.7%

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No   I'm in Arizona and you should be having more  sideways snow   cold   grey etc etc . !!

Absolutely not. Winter with snow is  normal for this area. What we have  been getting is not normal.

Agriculture requires moisture for the crops  also Maple Syrup requires a cold snap to get the sap to run  does it not??

I certainly am. It has been great for  driving and walking around.

I would rather be cross country skiing  and looking at nice white snow than  what we have right now.

I'm not a skier or snowmobiler so I'm enjoying this warm winter

It has been a great break from our  normal cycle of digging out on a daily  basis and very little worry when  needing to travel.

It has been great for those travelling  and getting around!!

It is very nice  but still expecting  it to get cold one of these...

Lack of snow has affcted  every one in  diffrent ways. We may all think its  great not having snow till you think  about all the winter activitys we are  missing such as Snomobiling   Snowshoeing  Cross country sking  and  even tobogining for the kids all these  activitys are great exercise that we  are missing out on.


My friend bought his first ever  snowmobile trail permit  I hope he  does the same again next year as I  think this has been an exceptional  winter here in Bruce County!

So much nicer ( and safer) for driving

The temp is not cold enough to to get  rid of the colds & Flus going around.  There are lots of outdoor activities  that need the snow/cold temps.  Sledding  sking outdoor ice rinks etc.  Hopefully Feb. will be better.

we are getting *spoiled* and want this every year!

We live in Bruce County  we want and  expect lots of snow.  This year has  been a write off as far as I am  concerned.

winter is great this year



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Monday, February 20, 2012