Terms of Reference approved
for Marine Heritage Day committee

By Liz Dadson


Kincardine council

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Welcoming the tall ships, "Playfair" and "Pathfinder," last year

Kincardine council has approved the Terms of Reference for the Marine Heritage Day committee.

Originally presented at the March 12 meeting, the paperwork received final approval at the council meeting Wednesday night (March 19).

Slated for Aug. 23-24, the Marine Heritage Festival will co-ordinate the visit by the Toronto Brigantine tall ships which have stopped in Kincardine for the past three years.

The mission of the Marine Heritage Day committee is to document and promote local marine heritage, update local displays, improve local heritage partnership through sharing of resources and increased communication, and to host the tall ships as an active component of the event.

The committee's mandate initially stated that it would "develop, administer and promote the Municipality of Kincardine's marine heritage through an annual multi-day event."

However, councillor Kenneth Craig suggested removing the word "multi-" so that, if necessary, the festival could run just one day rather than two.

The remainder of the committee's mandate is to encourage economic spin-offs through this annual tourism event; education and promotion throughout the community; and indirectly promote the sailing program for the Toronto Brigantine.

The committee will consist of six voting members and will follow the municipality's procedural process, with final committee budget approval resting with council.

"I would like to acknowledge the work being done by this group of volunteers," said councillor Ron Coristine, policy chairman for tourism. "This event will add to the tourism festivities this summer and it shows the importance of connecting to economic activities as well."



Part of the welcoming committee at last year's event


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Thursday, March 20, 2014