Municipality still dealing
with frozen waterlines

By Liz Dadson

Kincardine council

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The weather may be warmer, but the Municipality of Kincardine is still dealing with frozen waterlines.

Deputy mayor Anne Eadie, policy chairperson for public works, brought a report to Kincardine council at its meeting Wednesday night (March 5).

To that date, she said there had been 52 frozen water services reported. Of those, 13 had been just in the past two days, and 44 had been thawed out.

"The municipality is asking residents to continue to run a water tap in their homes," said Eadie. "If you notice low water pressure, it could be an indication that your water service is starting to freeze, so run your water full blast and call the water department at 519-396-4660, or after-hours at 519-396-1511."

Eadie said it will take a solid period of warmer temperatures before the situation improves.

"The water department is doing its best," she said. "It's doing a great job trying to keep up."

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert said that Huron-Kinloss is discussing a policy for frozen waterlines, to determine who is responsible for what if a water service freezes.

"Do we have such a policy?" she asked.

"Huron-Kinloss does not have a water department like Kincardine has," said Eadie. "Our water department has procedures in place to follow."

Clerk Donna MacDougall said that the municipality is responsible for the waterlines up to the properly line. Beyond that, the lines are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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