No News is good news, at least
in people's driveways

By Liz Dadson


Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has nothing against the "Fourth Estate," but it would prefer that print newspapers not litter people's driveways.

At the council meeting last night (March 19), councillor Mike Leggett put forward a motion that staff be directed to notify Sun Media of council's concerns with the current delivery method used for the Kincardine News in the Town of Kincardine and Village of Tiverton.

At present, the newspaper is dropped in the driveway of every residence in Kincardine town and Tiverton, Thursday mornings.

The motion encourages Sun Media to use an alternate method, such as Canada Post, which it has used in the past for these areas, and is currently using for rural areas within the Municipality of Kincardine.

Without any discussion, council endorsed the motion.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014