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Should a hydro utility company be allowed to disconnect service in the winter time? 

Yes or No


No 83.5%
Yes 16.5%

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absolutely not. What are they thinking? Do they really think someone with kids would not pay their hydro if they could? This happened to my family when I was young and it was devastating and embarrassing for the kids.  How can they have a decent life being ridiculed for being poor.  And you can bet everyone will know. Dumb

Bad for the poor

Because of HIGH  COST of Hydro this going to happen more & more while the ONTARIO HYDRO BOTTOM FEEDERS line their pockets. A SR CITZEN ON A FIXED PENSION  & its not a Hydro Pension.!!!!

children and the elderly have no voice. This is Canada. All citizens should be protected.

Disconnecting hydro service in the winter time would just be adding insult to injury!!  If a person cannot pay their hydro bill, what would a utility company hope to accomplish by disconnecting service????  That's just being "corporate cruel" and adding an additional hardship on a person!

Electricity is a consumer purchased product  not a right. Pay your bill and you won't be on the receiving end of a disconnection. This is a complete waste of a survey. Pay your way - this is a joke.

how would they like to go with out hydro in the winter!

How would you like to freeze and not use water and utilities

Hydro Rates have to come down. We can't afford more wind turbines and solar panels that pay foreign companies large profits.

i cannot think of how to recoup the loss revenue , but the greater cost would be someones life.

In Alberta hydro cannot be disconnected from November until April. But in Ontario, where McGuinty has hurt property owners and ratepayers, insensitivity seems the norm.

In most of Canada heat is essential. With no electricity, electric heat off, oil furnace, off, propane or NG, off, outdoor wood furnace ,off . Wood stove OK. in rural areas no electricity is no water.

It is about time someone took Westario to task!

It's inhumane in this area, with our vicious winters.

Its not right to let them freeze especially if children. the elderly or handicap are involved.

Just another kick in the face. If it is hard to choose ...pay for groceries for family or pay hydro bill....you get your power disconnected. Then charged an additional charge to get it turned back on. Don't you think..if we had the money it would be spend on both groceries as well as hydro

Let''s discuss another form of payment.

Make arrangement,,,,cut back your usage there is always to minimize

Means testing clients so that those that genuinely cannot pay are protected would be a compromise

No company providing the main heating source, whether it be oil, natural gas, propane, electric etc should be allowed to disconnet service in the winter time in Canada

No hydro company should be allowed to disconnect a customer in the winter time. It should be a criminal offence!

No meaning "No residential or multi-residential".

no!! what about those with farmhouses and freezing pipes

not till April

Only if they are in arrears big time and have given plenty of warnings.

Our house, like many others around here, is heated by electricity, so they have us over a barrel.

pay to play

People should be able to get it caught up over the summer when you do not use as much hydro

Simple, pay your bills.

The cost of dosconnect.connect should be avoided. I believe that I remember the ability for electric supplier to put a limiter on a house so that they were restricted on the amount of electricity they could use thus avoiding cut off.

There are limiters that can be installed so consumption is minimized, and a full disconnect not required

there was at one time a rule they could not disconnect hydro full between oct 31 and april 1st , they could pull they meter during the day but had to put it back for the night . maybe some one should look into this .

They should give the resident a chance to pay up, work out a payment schedule.

This should not be allowed.  Terribly cold winters, we must find ways to support those who struggle to make ends meet.

this would be a crime to disconnect when times are tough

unless u work at the Bruce,,who can afford these prices,,there are no other jobs in ontario,for our unemployed to get,,ontario in a hell hole real fast,next we will b revolting

We can always try to understand every possible scenarios before taking decision

With sufficient warning and when it comes to no other choice, then yes.




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Wednesday, March 12, 2014