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Should private industry help the Bluewater District School Board fund the elementary school tech centres?

Yes or No


No 23.8%
Yes 76.2%

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Anything that can be done to save what  is a valuable experience for students  needs to be done. Very short sighted  approach by the school board.
Business and industry involved in new technology are the ones that benefit from having students in Grades 7 and 8 study that technology in school  so those businesses should help foot the bill.
I don't know about tax right offs but  would think that this would be one that  could be used for such. Truely it would  not hurt for them  as there children  likely use the system and it would  likely benefit all  however I do not  have much insight into this.
I think it's a good idea ..it helps  promote their industry
If that is the only way we can give  these students some tech training then  if private industry is willing to  contribute to keep them up and running  then go for it.
If they are willing  it's a  worthwhile class that can encourage  children to go into the vital trades
It is industry that will benifit from  this training in the long run. How are  these kids going to know whether or  not they are suited to this kind of  work?
It is shameful if The BWDSB has misallocated  funds for tech  but if The truth is that The ministry  hasn't budgeted for this  double The Shame on  both for Not advocating for our youth; hence  local  industry and trades must advocate.
It would be wonderful if they did.   However  knowing from experience  the  Bluewater District School Board will NOT  accept private industry help for  ANYTHING.  They don't want to have  anything at any of their schools that  might be labelled with a sticker that  says "donated by..."or "funded by.." They'd rather take programs away than  put on a tiny little sticker like that.
Many school boards in the past 10 years  have entered into deals for funding from  private companies. The results have  always ended in cancellation of the  contracts  when parents see the high  level of advertising their kids must  endure from the private partners.  The  resulting commercial environment in the  schools always turns out to be a  disturbing part of the deal.
Most certianly the students will be  their future work force
NO your question is directed at one  local emloyer and their employee base.  We give generously already. Time for  the Federal and Provincial governments  to contribute without down loading more.
The Board should really be finding a  way to fund these centres.  However if  they can be kept open by other means  then so be it
The future graduates will enter the  work force with the skills needed to  be professional in their chosen field  of work  now and not later  or never   if the centres are closed. Dreams are  fulfilled in the most unexpected  places and these work centres are a  tremendous goal for students who have  a special field to accomplish where no  other outlet is available. 
The tech programs are a vital part of  the school environment  giving the  opportunity to those that may not  excel at the academics  something that  can positively boost self esteem as  well as giving the academics an  opportunity to work with their hands  and discovering talents they didn't  know they had.
There is only so much money in  the 'system' and if the school board  takes corporate donations  where are  other organizations going to find  funding?
This helps to provide capable young  talented people in the area with  useful training at a lower cost to  prospective employers for local jobs  
We need to keep these tech centres open for students.  They are integral part of our education system!
While industry already pays tax which  should be part of the education base   additional support would be welcome and  ensure the continuing of the programme.  Hopefully keeping tech programmes alive  would lead to more interest in the  trades and subsequently a local supply  of skilled individuals to fill the  technical needs of companies based in  the area.
Why shouldn't private enterprise help  students learn as it will be the  students who will be hired by them in  the future so it's an investment!
yes by cutting out the trades  like  wdss lossing shops. there will be a  huge need for people to work in the  trades as older workers retire  there  needs to be something done to get this  fixed so students can learn . there  are currently large #'s of teachers  graduating & no jobs for them  it is  not all computers 
Yes they should. In return for a  certain level of investment  they  should obtain naming rights to the  school for a period of five years.  Walmart High  Tim Horton Technical have  a nice ring to them!



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Thursday, March 22, 2012