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Absolutely  I support a Majority Tim   Hudak Conservative Government who will   bring in privately run SuperJails. He   will also create prisoner chain gangs   who can do a lot of the work now done   by highly overpaid unionized public   servants.

Absolutely not!!!

Absolutely. We need to look at the U.S.   model of privately run superjails. This   will save the tax payers a lot of money   and I look forward to when Tim Hudak   becomes Prime Minister of Ontario so   this type of privatization can go   forward in Ontario.

Another dumb idea out of Queens Park. 

Area jails need to be kept as it costs   enough now for prisoner escorts  etc   and will only cost more if it is   closed.  Furthermore  bigger is not   better and definately not cheaper.    Fix what we have and try to help   prevent more crime by having a place   for the criminals.  Enough is enough.

Carol Mitchell has obviously decided  this is her last year of politics   because otherwise she would not be so  far up Dalton's #*!! and would otherwise  represent her constituents.

 Why not take all the   criminals to Michagan just load them   on the Miller garbage trucks that run   down to the states every day from Owen   Sound also throw a few idiot provincal   decision makers in with them.

Closing down the jail   is forcing alot of loss of jobs  more   is being spent to transport prisioners   to and from the court house in   Walkerton  why change something that   is already working and satisfactory   for all concerned!

  There is enough unemployent in this   area without creating more. What is   the government thinking gr  moving inmates all the way up to   Penetang?  Just another stupid move   that we can thank our government   for

It   does not make sense !

Closing the jail will cost more for  transportation for court and will also  severly hurt the local economy.   Provincial savings will not exist  because they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I feel for those that would loose thier   jobs but I also think that jails should be   out of town  away from our children!

I think it should stay open because of   it's location. I also think that    MPP Carol Mitchell better start   fighting for us and our community. She   is running out of excuses.

If it closes we would have so many   lost jobs!

If they can close the Owen Sound Jail   then they can close Walkerton. What we   need are new SuperJails that can house   thousands at a time and have chain   gangs to replace the lazy public   servants who don't keep our roads   maintained and clean.

It dosen't make sense to only have a   jail way up in Penetanguishine.  The   courthouses are down here also.  Too   many people will lose their jobs in   this community and it will hurt the   economy.

It's gotta be cheaper then paying the   gas and officers time to transport   further and it's a historical site no   less!  Last public hanging in Canada   as far as I remember.  Kelly Mullen  Born and raised in Walkerton and live   in Port Elgin.

Maybe the Provincial government should   have performed an impact / cost   analysis before they jumped to the   conclusion.

NO  our government should put all the   facts into consideration before make   such rash decisions. Where is Carol   Mitchell hiding?

No Way! this is the governments way for   increased linings of their pockets!!!

Simply NO Walkerton and owen sound jails   should not close and she remain open.  How are family and friends supposed to   se there loved ones..and the cost of   travelling  youve seen the gas prices   ...i think it is ..... im going to be   nice and say silly that the goverment is   even thinking about this like come on.

Stop the ripple effect!

The facilities are far too costly to   maintain  financially it is not feasible   to upgrade either.  The OPP can and does   a great job with transport.  The primary   concern is the lost of monies to both   communities  why not designate them both   as heritage sites and run tours????

The Policing costs to transport   inmates will be much higher with a   central jail. There is a total lack of   consideration for the families of   inmates as they will not be able to   visit as often

The Walkerton Jail contributes to  sustaining the local economy. Small  towns like Walkerton will not survive if  employment and services are moved elsewhere.

The Walkerton Jail should not be   close.  The cost of transporting   people from site to site will exceed   the cost of running and maintaining   the Jail.  This is a typical case of   robbing Peter to pay Paul.

These could easily be the deciding   factor that results in a change in our   representation at Queen's Park.

They need to do a better business case   and determine costs of bringing   suspect criminals back for   court...also some of the individuals   were able to hold down their jobs abd   support families and go to jail at   night. Was this considered? Big   picture perspective lacking here.

They tell you that it will save money   but in the end it will cost everyone   twice and much money.  Please double   check everyones costs that we are going   to save.

We have adequate jail space in   Penetanguishine and Orillia. We need to   stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

We need the jobs HERE in our community!

Why would you even consider closing this  jail... if there is a need then there  also should be a service to accomodate  the need??










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Sunday, April 01, 2012