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Should Kincardine sell the Annex Building (Old Post Office), north of Kincardine Arts Centre?

Yes or No


No 41.7%
Yes 58.3%

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a lovely building. leave it alone.   other needs are more importNT

And the house at the Airport

getting to old  costing $ to keep   up .cost alot more if it had to be   brought up to fad standards  get rid   of it  sell off the old westario   building  space just be given away at   a cost to taxpayers .

I believe that the building should be   sold and the money used to off set the   tax increase or used to pay for some   of the upgrades to other town owned   buildings.  I know the BIA has been using space in   the building but there should be a   place for them to use in another   municipal building.  Thanks for taking my comments.  Have a great day.

I don't know

I love  that old building.  It   represents Kincardine in yesteryear.    I know it would take a lot of money to   revamp it for renting.But it should be   long to Kincardine.

If it is costing the Municipality   money to run it each month  we should   sell it. 

It has such character  such a rich   historical past.The old post office and   Victoria Park are part of the wonderful   unique flavour of Kincardine. Richard   Johnston

It is a lovely well built structure    and it can't be replaced.  It is part   of our history and should be   maintained as close to original as   possible.

It is mainly being used as a private   business  not a municipal facility.   Let the users pay the maintenance   costs if they want a prime downtown   location.

It is one of the more interesting buildings in town.   Fix up and make it useful

It should be restored and used for   public purposes.

It will help pay the $90 000.00 the   town is going to defer on the Walker   House.

it would be money that can be put into   the Municipalities much needed projects

It's a heritage building and should be   maintained as such with reliable tenants   helping to offset/pay for costs.

It's a historical part of downtown.  Why would the present council imagine   that it is a cash cow?

Kincardine needs to get it's fiscal   situation under control. A compound   tax increase of 22.6 % over two years   is rediculous.Future growth will be   limited because of high taxes. GRants   and dividends from Hydro  Bruce Power    Bruce Telecom should keep taxes lower   than elsewhere? The upkeep of these   old buildings and minimal income from   rent will break Kincardine.

Maybe they can be used as  souvener   stores. As if we don't have enough in   town. No grocery store downtown  but   lots of souveners

Not even sure what it is prewently   being used for.  

only short sited pooliticians would   get rid of a valuable local landmark   with the view that this building has   and then pay rent for a tourist office   out in the middle of nowhere

Part of the town's heritage; Keep It!

repairs in the future will be costly.   Get rid of it.


taxes are to high   we have to drive to other towns and cities  to shop   you can't even buy a suit.  there is nothing here .

The building has been a drain on  taxpayers money for many years and will  require too much renovation to make it  accessible. Sell it and let a private  company try to make a go of it. And  while you're at it  sell the airport too.

the building has tenants  tenants pay  rent  and rent is money into the pubic  coffers. How would we replace that  source of long term revenue? Hell  we  can't even keep a Fish Derby running  without sinking money into it and we are  right next to the lake! If the building  loses money dump it  but if it is making  money  why sell?

The Municipality needs to maintain   control of this historic feature   within our downtown. Preserving the   character of the building offers value   to our downtown.  Would hate to see it   demolished and replaced with a new   structure.

they are both an eye sore and a money   pit

This is useful to all people in   Kincardine.

With our taxes going up 22% in 2 years   we obviously cannot afford to maintain   all these buildings the town owns.

yes  to old to keepup 




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Wednesday, May 16, 2012