Municipality okays tender
for new fire truck

By Liz Dadson

Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has approved the tender for a new fire truck for the Kincardine fire station, at a cost of $312,859.37, plus applicable taxes.

In committee-of-the-whole last night (Feb. 12), fire chief Kent Padfield presented his report, noting that the new vehicle replaces a 1982 rescue truck.

He said the tender request was divided into two parts. The first was to provide pricing on the new rescue truck; the second was to provide optional pricing on three accessories for the rescue truck.

Those accessories include:

  • One set of vehicle stabilization (rescue) struts - used to secure vehicles and protect rescuers and patients during auto extrication and collapse-type rescues
  • One inflatable ice rescue water craft - an inflatable device used to provide safety to rescuers and victims during ice rescue emergencies
  • One rehabilitation shelter - this inflatable shelter provides an area for firefighter rehab and medical monitoring during extended operations

Padfield said four bids were received, but only three were under the budget of $350,000.

The lowest was Intercontinental Truck Body of Surrey, British Columbia, at $312,859.37; the other bids were $318,800 from Dependable Emergency Vehicles, $333,018 from Eastway Emergency Vehicles Inc., and $451,800 from SVI Emergency Vehicles.

Padfield recommended council approve the bid of Intercontinental Truck Body.

In addition, he asked council to approve $15,000 for the purchase of specialty rescue equipment for the rescue vehicle.

The rescue truck will be funded through a loan from Infrastructure Ontario, the terms of which will be brought forward at a later date.

Councillor Kenneth Craig asked Padfield what the fire department is using now in place of the three accessory items being requested for the new truck.

Padfield said the rehab is done using an igloo cooler, water cooler and a couple of chairs, to provide rest and rehab for the firefighters.


As for ice water rescue, the firefighters are sent out with pool noodles and baskets to rescue people in emergencies, said Padfield. The new device would allow firefighters on land to pull the people to safety.

Rescue struts would allow auto extrication to be deployed faster, he said.

Councillor Maureen Couture put forward a motion to accept the tender, and the committee agreed.

That decision was approved later by council.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014