Municipality shows support for Kincardine for Kraft Hockeyville
By Liz Dadson

Kincardine council

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Kincardine council and staff are well-attired to show their support for Kincardine for Kraft Hockeyville, at the council meeting Wednesday night; in back, are community services co-ordinator Steve Murray (L), recreation director Karen Kieffer, chief building official Michele Barr, fire chief Kent Padfield, councillors Jacqueline Faubert, Randy Roppel, Kenneth Craig, Mike Leggett, Maureen Couture, Ron Coristine and Candy Hewitt, and deputy mayor Anne Eadie; in front, are treasurer Roxana Baumann (L), chief administrative officer Murray Clarke, mayor Larry Kraemer and clerk Donna MacDougall

Kincardine council and staff were showing their colours at the council meeting Wednesday night, as they all wore hockey sweaters in support of the Kincardine for Kraft Hockeyville campaign.

There are only a couple of more weeks left for Kincardine residents to register on-line before the top 16 communities are selected in the Kraft Hockeyville contest.

Kincardine is trying to show the country that it deserves to be considered for Kraft Hockeyville. To do so, takes everyone's support.

You can do your part by logging onto the Kraft Hockeyville site.

Click on the FIND YOUR COMMUNITY tab, and enter Kincardine on the CITY line.

Click on the JOIN button beside the Davidson Centre - do not just view, you must join to make a difference. Then "Like" as many pictures as you can.

Everyone is also encouraged to "Like" the Kincardine for Kraft Hockeyville Facebook page. Add pictures and stories to increase the profile.

You can also add Kraft Hockeyville on Twitter and tweet all your hockey stories - @hockeyville.

Kincardine is Hockeyville! Let’s show them why! Small Town…… Big Hockey!

Voting on the Kraft Hockeyville site does not begin until March, with final voting on April 5.

The top six communities will each receive $25,000 toward arena upgrades.

The top four, each receive $50,000 toward arena upgrades; and the top two, each receive $100,000 in arena upgrades.

The grand prize winner also has the opportunity to host an NHL pre-season game and gets a visit from CBC.


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014