Restructuring of public works department approved
by municipality

Kincardine council

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Kincardine council has approved some restructuring in the public works department.

Following a closed session Jan. 22, council agreed to a public works staffing plan in which chief administrative officer Murray Clarke will remain as interim director for six months, with a possible extension to a year.

A new position has been created - manager of operations, said Clarke, and Don Huston, Ward 1 foreman, has been promoted to that position.

Clarke said that during this interim period, he will be working with staff and outside resources to address a list of important elements in the department, including implementing a preventative maintenance program for the fleet and equipment, developing an inventory, parts and stores control program, and investigating the option of repurposing the three public works yards and redeploying operations.  

"The idea is to move forward with operational and management upgrades so that the new public works director isn't confronted with those issues," said Clarke.

Also on an interim basis, a lead hand has been stepped up to fill the Ward 1 foreman's job, Clarke said. "We'll be assessing staffing model options over the next few months."


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Saturday, February 08, 2014