DGR Undertaking #3 Joint Review Panel

Undertaking #3 Provide written confirmation that the adjacent municipalities named in the hosting agreement are in support the DGR hosting agreement.


What am I for and what I know

 I'm for the selection of the safest spot for DGRs based upon facts including all the risks for long term storage of nuclear waste.  It's too important an issue to be derailed.

Further, I don't care where it goes as long as it is the best site geologically and strategically with risk minimized.  There are no scientific breakthroughs required.


Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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The Joint Review Panel that held hearings on a Low and Intermediate DGR that took place last fall in Kincardine produced a long list of undertakings based upon questions and testimony by interveners and experts.

We have covered undertaking U21 in the article shown below:  This article reviews undertaking U3.


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The panel wanted written proof in undertaking U3 that the communities adjacent or nearby Kincardine were in agreement with the Deep Geologic Depository for low and intermediate waste.

Some interveners claimed that they had never heard of the project and then it appeared out of nowhere.  This position contradicted the many open houses and outreach programs that had taken place in the last decade, not to mention the respective council records.

So the panel asked for the seminal documents that proved that the communities had been informed and that they were in agreement with going forward with the project through its various phases.  The link below will lead you as a reader to the documents from the four communities signed by the respective mayors or treasurer.  Note the dates being in 2004.

It has always been a puzzle to me why the anti-activists both local, Canadian and international claim that they were unaware of the project for the DGR in Kincardine.  International contacts between respective agencies took place and local councils were well aware of the project.

For official letters of support. Read More  

Community Mayor/Official Date
Saugeen Shores Kraemer Sept 28, 2004
Huron-Kinloss Mary Rose Walden Treasurer Oct. 13, 2004
Arran-Elderslie Oswald Sept. 27, 2004
Brockton Bagnato Sept 22, 2004

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It is my intention to run though the undertakings and highlight them.  I may miss some that are not important or that I don't understand.  I'll list the latter in the future.

Why? The undertakings are important because the panel thought that they represented topics that needed clarification. Most were handled in quick time, but others took more time to resolve and thanks to a more-than-responsible attitude the Joint Review Panel asked for, no demanded, more clarification.

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