Society of Energy Professionals sponsors housing for physician recruitment in Kincardine

Kincardine council

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The Municipality of Kincardine and the Society of Energy Professionals are working together to strengthen the ongoing efforts in physician recruitment and retention in Kincardine.

The Society has purchased two properties in Kincardine. One is at 863 MacKendrick Drive which will be the new locum house, providing accommodation for physicians on temporary placement in Kincardine. The other is at 286 Wieck Boulevard, providing rent-free accommodation for new doctors and residents (learners) as an incentive to come and work in this community.

The existing locum house on Huron Ridge Crescent in Kincardine, will be sold with the proceeds used by the Kincardine Trails Association, specifically to support creation of the link trail along Bruce County Road 23 (B-line). 

The municipality and the Society agree this partnership initiative captures the values associated with an active lifestyle and healthy community.

Kincardine mayor Larry Kraemer says this innovative partnership provides a formidable new tool in the ongoing commitment to the municipality's physician recruitment and retention program.

In a press release, the Society stated it “is pleased to partner with the Municipality of Kincardine for this important health and wellness initiative. The partnership is modelled on a similar successful partnership that the Society has with the Town of Saugeen Shores. This is an example of unions building stronger communities.”

“It always amazes me how the community, local business and associations and in this case, the Society of Energy Professionals, find ways to support the recruitment of family physicians to our community," says Peggy Zeppieri, physician recruitment specialist. "Well done!”

Brad Kirkconnell, chairman of the Kincardine Trails Association says the association is grateful to all those involved in the collaborative effort to advance health care opportunities in the municipality. 


"The funds going toward the Bruce Road 23 paved path will act as a proactive health measure by offering residents another venue for living an active life style,” he says.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), which was instrumental in the financing of the original Kincardine locum house, endorses this initiative.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014