Municipality does little chopping of high-priority projects
By Liz Dadson

Kincardine council

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Kincardine council perused the high-priority projects in its capital budget and okayed them all except one, during budget talks Monday night (Jan. 20).

The one item that was scrapped was a new microphone system for the council chamber, at a cost of $7,500.

In committee-of-the-whole, councillor Jacqueline Faubert put forward a motion to remove the microphone system from the list of capital projects, and it was approved.

Chief administrative officer Murray Clarke cautioned council that the current system is obsolete and parts are becoming scarce.

The following projects remain in the budget:

  • Airport terminal building exterior walls, $16,280 (from reserves)
  • Airport municipal hangar roof and siding, $40,000 (from reserves)
  • New pick-up truck for Kincardine fire station, $50,000 (from reserves)
  • Five sets of bunker gear for the fire department, $12,500 (from reserves)
  • Trails - scope, approvals and permits for Huron Ridge to Kin-Huron along Bruce County Road 23 (B-line), $50,000 (on the tax rate)
  • Leachate treatment facility - design and construction (in 2015), $1.8-million (from gas tax revenue and landfill reserve fund)
  • Sewer work projects, including a main camera, $80,000; contingency to replace pump at Lake Street, $20,000; contingency for pumping station upgrades, $15,000; Kincardine - Gary Street watermain, $30,000; Tiverton water tower, interior and exterior coatings, $300,000; Kincardine water tower, exterior coating, $140,000; roof replacement for water tower control building, $15,000; hydrant replacement contingency, $25,000; water meters, $12,000 (all from reserves)
  •  Municipal administrative centre renovations, $1.449-million (Infrastructure Ontario loan)
  • Kincardine Lighthouse foundation, $95,000 (from reserves)
  • Washroom renovation at old Westario Power building, $10,000 (from reserves)
  • Columbarium expansion at Kincardine Cemetery, $85,000 (from reserves)
  • Tractor/lawnmower (operating lease) for Kincardine Cemetery, $14,043 (on the tax rate)
  • Road work, including Concession 10 culvert replacement, $105,830; Gary Street, $85,010; Philip Place, $52,191; Municipal parking lot behind Royal Bank, $292,051; Ward 1 sand dome roof replacement, $25,000; Browns Hill Bridge, design and engineering only, $101,135; Two Ford pick-up trucks, $70,000 (all from reserves)
  • South pier rehabilitation, $275,000 (from reserves)
  • Tank and cooling tower for Tiverton Sports Centre, $50,000 (from reserves)
  • Tractor/mower/blower, shared between recreation and public works, for municipal administrative centre and parks, $24,000 (from reserves)
  • Reception renovation at municipal administrative centre, $7,500 (from reserves)

During discussion of these projects, councillor Mike Leggett put forward a motion to defer the repairs to the municipal administrative centre until a real estate assessment is done on the building, and council considers other options.

"We need more information," he said. "We could make just minor repairs for now."

That motion was seconded by councillor Randy Roppel.

Leggett said repairs to the heating and cooling system at the building are needed right away but the remainder of the $1.5-million in repairs should wait until further discussion of other options is complete.

"The bottom line is, are we re-locating?" asked councillor Kenneth Craig.

"If it's more cost-effective in the long-term, absolutely," said Leggett. "The expenses to operate this place are huge, and the expenses to repair it are huge. Plus, it's far larger than what we need, in my opinion."

"I would be shocked if you could find another building that would meet our needs," said mayor Larry Kraemer, "but I'm not ready to spend $1.5-million on repairs either."

Councillor Maureen Couture agreed, saying council would likely not find anything cheaper than $1.5-million. A new municipal hall would cost about $5-million, she said, and currently, the municipality receives $90,000/year in rental revenue from the upstairs of the municipal administrative centre.

Leggett emphasized looking at options, such as adding on to one of the buildings currently being considered for renovation, or building a new arts centre with a municipal centre attached to it.

"That seniors' centre at the Davidson Centre started out at $300,000, but in the end, it cost $2-million," said Kraemer. "How in-depth do you want to go? Are we acquiring land?"

"I said nothing about acquiring land," said Leggett. "There's land, lots of it. We have 20 acres right here."

His motion was defeated.

In his report, Clarke said there are two options for repairs to the municipal hall.

Option A costs $1.282-million and includes:

  • Roof/Balcony, $125,000
  • Eavestrough/snowguard, $52,000
  • Exterior walls, $425,000
  • Electrical allowance, $20,000
  • Ground source pump system, $660,000

Option B costs $1.449-million and includes all of the above, plus:

  • Glazing, $20,000
  • Interior renovation for the reception area, $25,000
  • Miscellaneous flooring/lighting, $122,000


Clarke noted that, based on a 10-year loan, annual debt repayment costs would range from $75,000 to $85,000 per year, depending on the option selected.

He stressed the most important issues are the heating and cooling system, and sealing up the skin of the building to prevent further water infiltration.

"The repairs would extend the life of this building indefinitely," said Clarke. "It's a wonderful building. It's practical and serves your purpose. I recommend you invest in the repairs and fix what you've got."

Council agreed.

As discussion turned to other capital projects and initiatives, council noted there is a need for more information, particularly what is remaining in several ward-specific reserve funds, such as the Ward 1 industrial reserve.

Couture suggested using that reserve to support the Kincardine Lions Club's Splash Pad, but treasurer Roxana Baumann was unsure about the actual totals for all reserve funds at this point.

She said some of the high-priority capital projects were already funded from the Ward 1 equipment reserve fund.

Kraemer suggested leaving the budget for now, and allow staff to recalculate the numbers and bring forward figures for the reserve funds to a future budget meeting, either Feb. 3 or Feb. 18.

Council agreed.

Other capital projects and initiatives include:

  • Inverhuron Pavilion - open air pavilion with washrooms, $365,000; open air pavilion with washrooms and kitchen, $390,000
  • Whitney Crawford Community Centre - interior renovations, $285,000; expansion and renovations, $580,000; renovations with kitchen expansion, $692,145; new building, $1.3-million
  • Kincardine Minor Soccer - irrigation system at Tiverton fields, $86,500; lighting at Bruce Avenue field, $94,000; concession, storage, washrooms at Legion Park, $180,000
  • Lions Club Splash Pad - traffic engineering study, $50,000; transfer to reserve fund, $100,000
  • Trails - engineer costs for trail from Queen's Lookout to Kincardine Lighthouse, $3,000
  • Grey Bruce Health Services funding - provide funding for equipment, $10,000/year for five years
  • Kincardine Community Medical Clinic reception area expansion, $25,000
  • Airport runway extension, widening and paving, $3.1-million; install perimeter fencing (years one and two of five-year plan), $146,000; miscellaneous improvements, $29,500
  • Noise bylaw, with multi-municipal coalition, $15,000

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