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The Question

Would you go to work on Christmas Day, if you were paid extra to do so?

Yes or No


No 50.3%
Yes 49.7%

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already do and have for years so no big deal

Although sometimes I do have to work on Christmas Day and I do get paid extra, I would much rather be off or take the day off. Money isn't everything! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Because we do not have young children at home, if it meant giving someone the day off who has small children, then yes, I would work.

Christmas Day is a Christian religious holiday and should be kept as a time with family and to remember why we celebrate this day

Christmas Day is a time for family.

Christmas is a time for family. My family time is precious to me and it does not matter how much you would pay me, this time is too important. Our times have really changed, what happened to the days when Sunday was a day of rest to be with your family and stores were closed earlier in the evenings. If you didn't have it, you just did without it until the stores opened the next day.

Christmas is a time to spend with your family - NOT co-workers.

Considering I am working Christmas this year and have in past I find most places will pay extra if work holidays that's why called stat so I would say people who don't usually work Xmas if offered extra money they prob would work Christmas mind you it depend if got kids single lots factors

Depends on how much. I believe everybody has a price. I would not do it for time and a half or double time, but if we're talking 3x I might be on board.

Did it for years

different story if you are scheduled to work Christmas day - you just do it.

Even without the extra pay, I would go if it meant making other people happy! Think of all the people that do not have close family members to visit them, or have family that go south for the winter, and are left alone except for caregivers.Joan Hartwick

Had to for over 30 years before retirement.

Have done in the past. Shift work is more a way of life now than ever before.

I have livestock and plow snow,  working on Christmas is just normal, don't get extra either.

I worked for B.C.E. and worked several Christmas days to provide repair services.

If it means extra money to survive on I certainly would. you don't get paid for sitting at home.

If the job was of a nature that it was needed to have into work Christmas I would do it but I would expect premium pay for missing time with family and friends. Its only fare. Fairness Works.

it should be family time

Many families only have that one day in common to get together.....so I would try to be there. :-)

My health care career required me to work Christmas Day every second year.  Family adjusted their activities accordingly

NO, this is a day to spend wih family and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. (Survey Coordinator Note... this responder voted many times.  As noted in the above guidelines, we toss out multiple votes from the same source that are designed to skew the results....Happy New Year)

Now a days the cost of everything has gone up and you just want to stay ahead of the game

Only if I was spending Christmas Day alone and had no family ties.  A good time to spread Christmas cheer to others in a similar position and looking for someone to talk to.

Say no to Money over Morals

Sometimes you have no choice

Sure. Not very religious in my family, and the kids are all grown up.

this is totally greed for anyone to be open Christmas day

Time with family is MUCH more important than money.  Money can never buy that!

Unless essential (health care services), I don't think anyone should work Christmas day.  

We always need extra Cash,,, and it's only for one day out of 365.

we are Christians , are we not

We sorta need lights and heat to enjoy that turkey dinner!!

working in the health field, and many others, working on Christmas Day is NOT an option ! this is a stupid survey question! (Survey Coordinator: Are you surprised by the results?)

Would depend on many things.

Yep I always have!




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Sunday, January 05, 2014