Joint Panel Review of DGR proposal - Day 3

September 19, 2013


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On day three of the Joint Panel Review being held in Kincardine regarding the proposed deep geologic repository (DGR) , Charles Hazel of Southampton raised several concerns over the information that has been presented in the several public Open Houses.

As Architect, Hazel had doubts as to the legitimacy and correctness of the diagrams that were used to convey the depth of the proposed DGR and the overall size once completed.  "In my profession," he said, "we have to work with scale.  The vertical scale used is exaggerated 50 times and, therefore, it is misleading. A correct image would be in a ration of 1:1 which would illustrate that the geology would be much thinner than indicated."

When it came to glacier movement, Hazel pointed out that information he had indicated the next glacial period would occur in 15,000 years and may remove up to 300 metres of material on top of the site.  He also questioned the original diagram submitted to Kincardine at the time the Hosting Agreement was contemplated.  "The original diagram show the DGR at three times smaller that it is shown today which is an increase of some 350 per cent (350%).  This is a huge project that was projected as small."

Panel member, Dr. Gunter Muecke, asked Hazel, if he (Hazel) had a sedimentary base of 1,000 Km and wanted to show the strata how would he do it without exaggeration.  Hazel replied that he understood representing specific goals by shifting scales of the diagram, "... but there is an obvious intelligent use of scale and then there is that of manipulating it."

"I think there was a lack of involvement by the public of Saugeen Shores in the original hosting agreement and I find it perplexing and worrisome," said Hazel.  It is a serious failure to include a community that is the same distance away (from the proposed DGR) and, also, the lake (Lake Huron) has been discounted."

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Hazel went on to say that he felt that the 'payments' from OPG and NWMP are linked to compliance and to complicity and are an embarrassment .  "I would like to see the project continue without that tactic ... which is unsavoury and unbecoming."

According to Hazel, there is a link forged with respect to compliance and agreement and is indicative of the community's tie to the nuclear site (Bruce Power site).

"It is a commitment of the local Mayors to proceed to negotiate the DGRs 1 and 2," said Hazel, "as parallel streams without informing the public."  

To read Hazel's entire presentation go to Click Here and follow the links for archived presentations.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013