Special showings of 'Pandora's Promise' ... a Sundance Film Festival winner

September 20, 2013

A&E Feature

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'Pandora's Promise' is a film that is changing forever the myths and science behind nuclear technology.

The Society of Energy Professionals, the Power Workers’ Union and Bruce Power are hosting the film at the Port Elgin Cinemas over the course of the next week ... September 20 - 26.

"A feature-length documentary about the history and future of nuclear power. The film explores how and why mankind's most feared and controversial technological discovery is now passionately embraced by many of those who once led the charge against it. Operating as history, cultural meditation and contemporary exploration, PANDORA'S PROMISE aims to inspire a serious and realistic debate over what is without question the most important question of our time: how do we continue to power modern civilization without destroying it?"

The film, by award winning director, Robert Stone, will be shown at the Port Elgin Cinemas from September 20th - 26th, 2013. On Saturday, September 21st, there will be three showings:  1:20, 6:50 & 9:20 p.m.; Wednesday (Sept. 25) is early dismissal school day and, therefore, there will be a special afternoon showing at 2:15 p.m.

To view the trailer and learn more about this film, please click http://pandoraspromise.com/

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Friday, September 20, 2013