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Have you ever visited the Kincardine tourist booth?

Yes or No


No 45.4%
Yes 54.6%

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we dont need kincardine tourist booth there is alot of signs that where it goes

Even as a local resident I use it.  Very convenient.  Doesn't need to be moved downtown - or any where else.

Found Ms. MacDonald very very helpful - W old recommend a visit to the tourist booth to everyone.A gret experience

Good source for local maps and area attractions.

Got pertinent information about travel times such as Tobermory Ferry!

Great helpful staff and location always has parking.

I  wanted to see What activities the Town & surounding AREAS were promoting for ALL seasons!

I have and the people there are very helpful and accommodating. I think they do a good job.

I have no reason to as I live in town.

I know how to get to the beach. What else is there to do in Kincardine. Maybe I should visit it!!'m

I live in Kincardine and have stopped in at the Visitor's Centre. The staff was very helpful. Lucky to have these folks greet our visitors.

I needed a new Ontario roadmap. Hubby and I were planning a trip out east and I was surprised at the road maps for the different provinces and booklets they had available.  It saved the time of contacting the individual provinces for info and waiting it to arrive by mail.   It was right here at our fingertips.

I would if it was located in the downtown. It is poorly located. It works for people passing through Kincardine but for those who stay for days or weeks, it is inconvenient to get to.

It is something we don't need anymore.Close it now.

It should be downtown where the tourists are so it can better serve them.

NO I think, it would probably be better suited if it were down at station beach.

Not a friendly experience

Only to get a free map of Ontario

Pick up literature and district maps

The local Nature Club, Huron Fringe Field Naturalists, take a tour up the Bruce Peninsula annually in May, and we rely on the information from the Tourist Booth to plan our trips. We feel a need for more info for that area, including Grey County, but other than that we really appreciate the help.

The staff member was unable to help me with whatever it was I was wanting information on. I have also heard stories of people coming from out of town for sporting events and the staff were unable to give them directions to the ball diamond out by the old landfill.  Hopefully, this is not still happening and we are providing knowledgeable, friendly information about our town and area.

To pick up an Ontario road map.

Too busy going out of town to shop and buy gas. Kincardine too pricey and small selection.

very informative, pleasent to deal with

Visit for Directions.

Was there many years ago and the attendant was showing me brochures of Southampton. Unusual experience.

What are they promoting. Shop Kincardine because of the  limited shopping and ridiculous prices.

When we first got our cottage here we visited to learn more about the area.   Was very helpful.

where is it?

why would I ?    I live here !!

Will answer all questions asked and very friendly and helpful.

With all of the new signage, it is unnecessary ... A bigger expense for the municipality

Yes, it's a great source of local information.

Yes, often, they are always super helpful with great tips and info!  More so then reading off the internet.

Yes. But only to see about delivering brochures.  Living in Kincardine, it is annoying to have to go so far out to get information  to give to visitors to the area.  It isn't in any way inviting either.

You can get all the info that you would every need, online. There is the added benefit of peoples opinions and reviews of various attractions and destinations to help with your quest.




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Tuesday, June 25, 2013